Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Drive To Vegas...

I have been back and forth to Las Vegas a lot lately. The last time I went it was VERY last minute and the flights were expensive so I decided to drive. I got on the road by 2:15 am and started the L-O-N-G drive down. I NEVER speed, I drive like an old lady, but about three hours in, around Hawthorne, I had to pee. I started hunting around for napkins so I could just pull over and go. I must have hit the accelerator because I looked up and in front of me and there was a cop (I don't know how he radared me because he was parked on the side of the road, ahead of me facing the way I was going, but he pulled me over.) Lights and all...I was shaking, had no idea why I was being pulled over and I had to pee. He approached my car and starting asking a lot of questions about who I was, where I was going...I gave him all my info and he went back to his car. A few minutes later he came back and told me to drive very careful and a lot slower. I said thank you and I would. He also told me to make sure to stop at all stop signs and indicate when I switched lanes because I HAD A WARRANT FOR MY ARREST IN CLARK COUNTY!!!!! ?!?!?!WHAT?!?!?! What's a warrant? How do you get one? What's it for? He said he had no idea and just call the court when I got to Vegas and figure it out.
I drove the rest of the way at 60 miles per hour with my hands shaking the whole way!! I got into Vegas and called the Clark County court...nothing, Vegas civil, municipal and traffic courts...nothing. The cop played a trick on me to force me to drive slow!!!!
I will be driving the speed limit from here on out!!!

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