Monday, March 29, 2010

People Who Live In Glass Houses...

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

For those of you who feel the need to not defend people who are right shame on you. For those of you who feel it's okay to listen to other people who are spreading lies and rumors about your "friends" and not correct them shame on you! If you feel it is okay to think hanging out with me is bad for your reputation because of what I do for a living (modeling, stunt work, business owner, national sales rep...) shame on you. If you think you are truly doing the right thing when you are breaking the law everyday shame on you. For those of you with "secrets" that you don't want people to know but are willing to tell other people's "secrets" shame on you.

Remember people who live in glass houses shouldn't through stones...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

My Favorite Quote

"Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people that treat you right, forgive the ones that don't and believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it" ~unknown

**I still love Jack Handy though!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


So my friend Brittany entered a bunch of her family pictures in a contest. Please follow the directions below and vote 5 stars on all of her pictures!! She is really cool and you would all really like her! (Also is anyone can figure out how we can vote more than once please let us know, we are not above doing that)

This is what she sent me!!! VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

This is for a Lays potato chip contest for People Magazine
Please give us good ratings!

So above is the link then.
1 )on the upper right frame click people's
2) then click on see photos, in the middle of the page.
3) scroll few a few photos when you one of me click it
4) then you will see in red SEE ALL click that.
5) then click on a few photos and above select the stars!

Her id name is wenernet, that's how you'll know what photos are hers!


Thanks so much!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How I Pay The Bills....

These are some of the jobs I have done....

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Eyedews are great after a long day in the sun!! Men and women love their ability to rehydrate dry skin and relax even the hardest working fishermen! Call me to purchase Eyedews today!! Special price for all fishermen (women)! (925) 348-0097

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lake Havasu Tournament - Day 2

You know your off to a bad start when....
Your pro (the boater your fishing with) tells you to be at the gas station at 6 am on the dot, 5 times. So you pull in at 5:58 am and no one is there so you go inside the gas station where the clock clearly reads 5:59 am and ask "Exuse me, was there a guy in here that ordered an egg salad sandwich" (he told me this particular gas station makes the BEST egg salad sandwiches ever) and the clerk replies "Ya he already left". What? It's not 6 am yet. So I get back in the car and drive to the launch ramp - the original place Duane told me to meet him, but NNNOOOO egg salad eater, had to meet at the gas station. So I get to the launch ramp and I do not see he white truck and boat waiting any where near the entrance. So Duane gets out and starts looking for him because I am heated - at this point I am ready to call it a day. Duane can't find him so I get all my stuff and start walking to the launch ramp. I get to the check in area and ask the guys if they have seen Egg Salad eater, they need to know his last name...A**hole I say, that's all I can think off, and it did make a lot of people laugh! Anyways he's down by the launching area waiting for me. We exchange a few words and he says that his friends (no idea who) told him I left the gas station, whatever. So we launch the boat and all he starts talking about is how fast his boat is, are you scared he keeps asking me, NO I'm not...This goes on through out the day. Really? I have been in boast going over 90 I'm not "scared of the speed" as he called it. So the fishing day starts...We go and through spinner baits for about 20 minutes and then he wants to bed fish...He asked me not to fish, just to watch the fish, WTF? So thinking it will only be a few minutes I put my rod down and "watch" the fish. This was 6:45 am. So after running around the lake all day he decided we were going up the river at 1:45 pm. Once we got there I got to fish again. So I fished a drop shot for about a hour and then the day was over. He only caught 3 fish all day...I could have helped, but NNNOOOO! So I get the truck and bring it down and he starts talking about how hot I look driving his truck. Really? So I run and grab a bag to put our fish in, fill it with water and then I carry the bag all the way to weigh-ins, along the way hearing how big my guns are and how hot I am, but hotter when I drive his truck. Seriously, I weigh the fish in and then I have to carry them all the way to the release boat, this guy is a real gem. I then made the executive decision not to give him any gas money, I didn't get to fish why should I? It was funny though when I had packed all my stuff into our car another fisherman came up and asked if all Egg Salad talked about was how fast his boat was. HAHAHA

Lake Havasu Tournamnet - Day 1

Oh my goodness, it was windy. It was blowing around 30 miles a hour with gusts in the 50 mile a hour range today. (Back in day Sirens would have been canceled with that sort of wind, nevermind just hold the pyro!) I drew a great partner Wes Carey. He was great, he did his best to keep us out of the wind but it was impossible. We ended up only weighing 3 fish in (I caught 2 of them!!!!) I weighed in 2 but I had 4 on, on slipped off right at the boat - net issues, and the other one slipped off in the water - tangled lines and poles issues! It was great day and I had a ton of fun...There was 1 casualty - one of the eyes on my rod broke off! Good thing Duane was there to take care of it!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pre-Fish Only Day - Lake Havasu

AKA - Spring Break, Boy has spring break change, look at this picture the average age is like 60!! Just Kidding these are the people being shipped into the Indian Casino! But for spring break, it's pretty slow! Good for us not as many boats on the water. So today was my only day to pre-fish because I was busy working in Las Vegas all week so I went out and only caught 2 fish all day! There are 2 reasons for that 1- Duane didn't want me catching the bed fish (when fish are mating and have layed eggs they hang out on their nests to keep predators from eating the eggs - they're called bed fish) he needed for the tournament 2 - he wanted to catch all of them...Bed Hog! So instead I took a photo for Dupree...Dream Catcher Parking Only!!! (His "Indian" name is Dream Catcher 33 - no joke it's on his car and his boat - this is obviously something that he has called himself for a long time because his mom made him shirts and hats with Dream Catcher 33 on them!)

Monday, March 15, 2010


Look at both signs...really?

Getting Ready

This is what I look like when I'm getting ready...I LOVE my rollers!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bloody Marys

I LOVE Bloody Marys, but mine is more like a salad than a drink! I have to drink it with a fork!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Looks like Gracie lucked out! Only in the middle of nowhere, Nevada.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Duane For Mayor

As if we didn't have enough going on...Duane has decided to run for Mayor of Reno! Things need to change and no one is doing anything about it, so he's going to! Good luck Duane! (Hey, I'll probably get some sort of job out of it! Yippee!)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

It Has Come to My Attention

It has come to my attention that there are a few people who are offended by a few of my last posts. Seriously people...1. the shirt post - that is the oldest joke in the book (my grandma went to Florida and all I got was this lousy t-shirt) you would have to live under a rock to have never heard that, the entire post is funny and if you read the entire thing you should be able to catch it was a joke! 2. the 2 sides of Clearlake, I'm not making fun of it - it's true, there are two VERY different sides of Clearlake, believe me I've had a tire slashed on one side. It is unbelievable to me that grown adults took offense to this, they are jokes, you obviously did not read the entire blog to see what other things I made fun of because believe me I've said worse. So instead of talking about this behind my back and making judgments about me leave a comment, and expose yourselves for the whiny, humorless people you are.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Snack Time

Gracie decided she was hungry - she loves grass. Unfortunately she decided to eat these weeds on the side of a dirty muddy street in Oakland...hopefully she doesn't get poked by a needle.

The Week In Between

This is what we walk around during the week in between tournaments...he's gotta get his stuff ready. Can it get ready in the garage?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Clear Lake Tournament Day 2

What a day!!! Duane started the day in 41st place - bad, but he still went out and tried his hardest and caught 27 pounds of bass!! WOW!! That great bag catapulted him into 3rd place! Amazing! Good Job Duane. During the day Gracie got tired of waiting for the fish to be weighed in so she took a nap, Spencer fished out of his boat - catching 2 fish (he caught both his fish when Rick James was playing on his boom box - just a tip for all you fisherman out there), Dupree had a little bit of a rougher day on the water and slipped from 13th to ??? But possibly the best part of the day was the awards ceremony. Duane got his plaque and check but I got a medal - West Coast Bass's Hottest Angler!! Yippee! I love medals. (I even like ribbons, plaque and trophies!)

Clear Lake Tournament Day 1

Today was fun. I saw some crazy outfits at the West Coast Bass weigh-in, Duane had a rough day (only 16 pounds), Mike wore his comfy shoes, Dupree caught big fish and I was lucky enough to watch the "stage" get set up!

Prom Night

If you live in Lake County (Clearlake, Oaks, Kelseyville, Lakeport...) this is the LIMO you would get to take to prom, they probably do weddings too! Seriously?