Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Home While in Alabama

The view was beautiful, but there are NO words for the interior design abilities of the DOCTOR we rented the house from!

I Have to Pee!

When will the snow/ rain stop? I need to pee and don't want to get my feet wet.

We Don't Need an Indoor Pool in The Motorhome

So the new Ultra leaks, great! We have been through this before, with the Midas (scroll down for photo). So instead of taking it to a motor home roof place or calling the seller, or just selling it, Duane decided to fix it himself. He bought the "kit" complete with video - I know this because I watched it. BOOOO! All the top pieces had to come off, then the old roof had to be ripped of and new plywood had to be put down, and finally the rubber membrane was glued down. It took him about 4 days, but he got it done. We'll find out if it works over Thanksgiving when we sleep in it!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Biggest Fish Ever

On our way back from Alabama we took a 700 miles detour and went to Falcon Lake. I caught my biggest fish ever!! I had an even bigger one on, but it wrapped itself up in a tree. Duane was yelling, "Don't let it go into a tree!!" But the trees were underwater, and I was not blessed with underwater, x-ray, special fisherman vision so of course the fish swam into the tree and I lost him. I actually had to break the line and lost Duane's spinner bait! I was just happy because I kicked Duane's butt fishing and he's the "PRO"!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's not FUN LAND if there is only 2 slides.

Indian Mound and Museum

I went to school for anthropology so Indians kind of interest me. I paid may $2 and went into the Indian museum. First you HAVE to watch a 4 minute video introducing you to the Indians and why they came to the area. Then you walk around the museum - about the size of your bedroom, except for the room where you watch the video and the room that houses the attacking stuffed dog thing - then you go outside and climb like 100 stairs to go to the top of the mound and there is nothing up there - oh ya there is - some benches - I'm sure the Indians built those! The best part of the museum was the tour guide. It was her birthday and the entire time I was there she was on the phone to the cable people asking them to put a rush on coming to fix her cable box because she did not want to watch FOX news for three straight days, she kept telling them she was in her 70's and had been a customer since the beginning...I hope they helped her out.

W.C. Handy Museum - "Creator of the Blues"

W.C. was basically the inventor of blues music. I thought it would be cool to go to his museum. It wasn't, for me anyway. Here are a few photos from my experience!

Friday, November 6, 2009


The point of the trip to Alabama... Duane fished well and ended Day 1 in 37th place, 1st in the West with 12 pounds! Good Luck tomorrow!

Coon Dog Cemetery

I love the movie Sweet Home Alabama. In the movie the main character visits her dead dog at the Coon Dog Cemetery. Well just so everyone knows it really does exist. It was quite the drive but it was so sweet. I love all the love people have for their dogs! When I left the Helen Keller house the "tour guide" told me that there was a funeral there about a week ago and all the women showed up in black with huge hats. I wish I could have seen that!

Helen Keller's Birthplace

Since I am in Alabama and don't know if I'll be back I decided to do some touristy things. The first place I went was Helen Keller's house. I was given the $5 tour by a great old lady that loved her job. I had planned on just being there for 45 minutes or so but ended up staying over a hour and a half. It was very entertaining and I actually learned a lot about Helen Keller. She was a brilliant, amazing woman!

Reno International Airport

I thought this was great! Here are a few shots of the Reno International Airport's Boutique. I guess you have to have Duty Free everywhere.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Hawaiian Tropic

Seriously...we posed for soooooooooo many pictures it was ridiculous!

Hawaiian Tropic

So here are two of my "outfits" for Hawaiian Tropic. It was seriously not as much fun as you may think it would have been. There were two really good parts; 1- I was a 80's aerobics instructor (for my Halloween costume - Can you believe I had double the amount of clothes on than anyone else?) and there was a guy in the audience who was the same thing, I'll post that photo soon; 2 - girls actually cried about the whole thing. Like really cried, especially, but not limited to when they didn't get the swimsuit they wanted, when another girl tried to trip on them on the runway (I wish I saw that), when someone had the same dress, when someone spilt oil on them, when they didn't get autograph posters first and actually had to eat....the list goes on. The one perk to this whole thing, the reason why I did it was a free photo shoot, I ended up knowing the photographer so I ended up with over a 100 pictures so as soon as I get those I'll stop crying too!