Sunday, July 17, 2011

Joe Dirt 2 Casting Call

We stumbled upon this casting call for Joe Dirt 2...just kidding this was the line to get into Sponsor's Row (the area where all the sponsor companies had out free stuff) at the U.S. Open! Good Luck to everyone!

High Roller Prizes

The casinos in Vegas give out monthly prizes to their high rollers. Well Boulder Station must take the cake on prizes! What were their choices...a t-shirt, a mug set...a bag of diapers?

Pool Boy

Everyone's gotta have one! I'm lucky my pool boy will actually drain the pool, climb in the pool, scrape the algae out and then refill it...all in one day - that is a commitment.

They're How Old

I walked in from work and this is what I saw. Duane, Dupree and Dupree's brother playing fart noises on the iPad. Is it really that funny? (I can't figure out how to flip the video, but I think it just adds to it!)

LIfe Vest

Duane has lost about 7 life jackets...the expensive ones, so after the last one disappeared he went back to their orange floaty, at least it matches his boat!

Bedazzling the Boat

SURPRISE!!! Your boat is bedazzled!! Good luck at the U.S. Open!

Fashion Alert

First it was jeans, then legging the obvious next move was jeggings, then came pajama these!!!
***Please take note of the price!

Sucker Punch

HAHAHAHA! This picture doesn't do Gracie any justice! This photo was taken (you can't tell but her tail is wagging 100 times a minute.) Duane was messing with her while she was trying to sleep. He was tickling the hair between the pads on her feet, the first few times she thought it was a fly...well by the fifth time she had realized there was no fly and in actuality it was Duane. So she yanked her paw away, pulled back and sucker punched (kicked) him as hard as she could. HAHAHAHA, she wagged her tail for 5 minutes straight after wards - she was quite please with herself.


Did this guy dress in the dark and accidentally grab his wife's purse...please say yes.

Fitting Rooms

They must not have fitting rooms in this lady's country. As I stood with "my Asians" I saw this. This crazy old lady tried on her purchases in like at the register as she was paying.

The M & M Store

What group of tourists does the M & M store cater to?

Tour Guide

Last week I was a tour guide for a group of people from Singapore. We went shopping and when I saw shopping mean SSHHOOPPPPIINNGG!!! I can't believe the amount of money they spent. All we did was shop. I did talk them into going to the Hoover Dam. They didn't want to get out and walk. So we drove through the dam and they jumped out took a photo and then back to Vegas we headed. Successful trip I'd say.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Fine Dining

You know you are eating in a high class, white table cloth establishment when you see "Surf and Turf" on the menu! I'm not quite sure this really quealifies as surf and turf, but what ever floats your boat...Double Play, on Las Vegas Blvd @ Silverado Ranch = BEST PIZZA EVER!!!!, we opted not to try the surf and turf.


I was walking through Costco and this is what I heard..."I really like quality of clothes they sell here. Unfortunately I can't fit into them because my shoulders are so broad." (It was the guy on he left that said this!) WHAT?!?!?!?! I don't think his only issue is his "broad shoulders".

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Polarized Glasses

The most important thing you need in order to a good fisherman (other than a boat, rods, reels, baits, electronics...) is polarized sunglasses. I have had spys and oakleys and Duane has had Maui Jims but the BEST pair I ever had was the costco $28.99 generic ones. Well look what happened. This will teach me to through them into my purse. And of course this was last years model so now they only have the dorky ones that normal people buy.

Massage Therapists

We needed some "beautiful" massage therapist to work a convention last week. We called a local company and this is what they sent us. I wish you could see their attitudes in a photo. I guess it is is in the eye of the beholder.

Craft Time

What should I make? I went to Williams costumes and look at all the great stuff I got!!! I am super excited! First project - Bedazzle Duane's boat!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Driveway

Who Buys These?

I was at Forever 21, a store that caters to tweens and teens and I saw these. Butt padded underware! Who wears these? Who BUYS these? No one over the age of 18 wants a bigger butt.

Show Tunes

Vegas to Reno = LONGEST, BORINGEST drive on the plant...468 miles of nothing. Unfortunately we had to do this drive on Duane's birthday. The last 60 miles were so much fun. I asked Duane what he wanted to listen to and he said VERY SARCASTICALLY "show tunes, duh"! Well I took full advantage of the situation and started in on album 1. To my surprise Duane not only knew many of the words, he also knew the dance moves.