Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Love It!!!

My friend went to a house warming and shared this picture from the homeowners bedroom! It says "Always Remember to Kiss Me Goodnight". I LOVE this! BEAUTIFUL!!!

You Can Make Money On Anything

You put this thing on the edge of the table and then hang your purse on it. It keeps you purse from getting all the poop that's all over he floor on the bottom of your bag...unfortunately I think my bag is to heavy for something like this.

No One Is Going Anywhere

We had a very eventful day, not as eventful as Charlie Sheen but still eventful. The Lexus windshield needed to be replaced because the rear view mirror keeps breaking off, the moror home had an engine recall and my car needed a least I had my bike!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

At The Tournament..

I usually take pictures of Duane at weigh-ins during the tournaments. But at this tournament he sent his co-angler up to weigh the fish. So in the meantime I saw this guy, I love that his t-shirt is tucked into his underwear!!! He is probably starting a new trend!

Any Takers?

I'm sure the owners are open to negotiating on price...

You Be The Judge

Who had a better day fishing....? I think I did. Duane has a big master cast here because of this, this and this...I just cast in the middle of no where, get a snag, take a few minutes to get it out and then reel in and guess what, a fish!!! HAHAHA


Why is the school bus towing a car? Must be some sort of a second job.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We're Gonna Get Shot...

Gracie mad dogs EVERYONE!!! Every car we pass she mad dogs. I tried to explain that Railroad Ave in Pittsburgh, CA is probably not the best place do this, she ignored me. So up the window went. I am NOT gonna get shot just because Grace mad dogs everyone!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Robber Masks

I love my robber masks, for Christmas a few years ago this is all I asked for...a robber mask. Forget the fact that they are called ski masks. I call them robber masks. I have a couple of them, his particular one was a git from Dupree, it's my favorite. There are so many pros to wearing robber masks...

1. Keep your face warm.
2. Keep your ears warm.
3. Keep your neck warm.
4. Stop being wind blown and having a chapped face.
5. Perfect during a fishing tournament, 1 thing instead of 4. (hat, earmuffs, scarf,
face shield)
6. Saves space. (see above)
7. Can act as a tissue if you have a runny nose.
8. Can act as a napkin if you eat with it on.

The only negative this about robber masks you can't wear them into a bank.

Friday, October 15, 2010


Mustache #1...please get rid of're creepy.

Friday, October 8, 2010

There are NO Words....


The End...

As you can see from Gracie standing in the water, the water was not deep enough for Dumb and Dumber to even need a boat, and they eventually realized that...after they pulled, and pushed and dragged the plastic green boat through the tullies and hyacin, they abandoned it and walked into the "secret spot"!

The Begining...

Brilliant idea...strap a plastic boat onto the back of another boat drive through the delta, launch the plastic boat and good lucky getting into your "secret spot". Have fun!!

Bunny Bait

We had to throw the lettuce out because it froze and once lettuce freezes it's never the same. We threw it out the motor home door and Gracie sat in waiting...waiting for the bunnies to come!

The Fish Were Really Biting

The day started off a little rough. While Dupree was scoping out the "pond" the security guards came by and enforced their "dogs must be on a leash rule", so Gracie had to be carried back to the camping parking spot. But boy what an untapped resource...Dupree caught so many fish, it's crazy there weren't more people there fishing. He set a GPS point for this exact location.

You Know You Should Hold It When... walk into the bathroom, the faucet water is non-potable, the toilet paper rolls are locked onto the holder and there are NO doors for the stalls. Good old Stockton! Duane only takes me to the best places!

Gracie is Such a Ham

She acts like she caught it!

Our New Home

The winter is coming! Duane's next tournament is at the Delta and with the weather temperamental this time of year we are storing the boat in Stockton. It's too hard to continue to tow over the pass, this makes it faster, cheaper (gas) and easier! It's Stockton, but look at this sunset!

License Plate

I normally hat these little bugs, but I love this license plate. YA BUG ME!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dueling Pianos

For Lizzie's birthday we went to dinner...blah, blah, blah. And then we went to dueling pianos. Most people have been to dueling pianos before, in Phoenix, Las Vegas, New York...It is usually in a super cool bar and tons of fun, with lots of really fun people! Well welcome to Reno's dueling pianos. There were 5 bachelorette parties in just the 2 hours we were there, all complete with flashing sashes and crowns. There were a ton (as in a lot and as in heavy) people there all decked out for a night on the town. It was hilarious! It is honestly one of my favorite places to people watch ever. Here are a few photos of Lizzie on stage for her birthday song!

Lake Roosevelt Tournament

Duane didn't do so well in the bass tournament, but look at all the amazing shorts he wore!!

You Know Your a Redneck When... own any of these products. There is NO excuse for owning; shot shell string lighting, duck call string lighting, moose string lighting, bass trailer hitch cover and antenna cover (combo pack or not) or a lure toilet seat (antique or not).

New Table

We got a new kitchen table!! Yea, it's so pretty. It is one of those pub tables that sits high. It's triangular shaped and dark wood. I can't wait till Duane is finally off work and not fishing so we can have a meal at it!!