Sunday, September 26, 2010

Are you a terrorist?

While Duane was fishing I took Gracie for a walk around Cholla National Park. As we were walking out this crazy old guy asked me if I was a terrorist. I said no. He then asked me if I saw any terrorists on my walk. I said no and ran away! I later sneaked back and took a few photos of his house!

Lake Roosevelt, AZ

Duane was working on his tackle and I wanted a soda, so I hopped on my bike and went to get one. I rode through town, got to the grocery/ hardware/ gas station/ tackle and everything store, bought my soda and rode back!

Blue Shadow

Still hot in some places...just a little behind the times...see post below!

Payson, AZ - Pay Phone

Typical Payson, AZ! A man, with no shirt on, a huge cowboy hat, you can't see this but his whole stomach was covered in tattoos) talking on a pay phone - didn't even know they still worked!


This is the first time I have ever seen a special on a fountain soda!

How I Eat Dinner

It was hot dog night!! I have an intolerance to wheat so I don't eat buns and I HATE my food to touch so... 2 hot dogs, pickle, mustard and ketchup... all not touching!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Clown Car

Dupree and Liz were in town to pick up his boat that Duane had fixed for him. Duane was off work, I wanted sushi, and my friend Lizzie was supposed to go to sushi the other night but the friends she was going with said it was too expensive so she had to go with them to Olive Garden (were they proceeded to order steaks and desert - way more expensive than sushi) so we all went to sushi. It was a Tuesday with mean free sake night so we ended not being able to drive home. So Lizzie fit us all in her mini cooper, aka the clown car.

Duane's New Hobby

Duane has a new hobby. Label making. He recently decided to "label" all his fishing crap. So he found himself a nice comfy spot on the couch and the label making started! Hopefully he cleared a spot next to his sewing machine to keep the label maker!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Reno Balloon Race

Oopsie! Wrong way!

Sparks Marina

I love to paddle board and there is a marina fairly close to the house and that is where I like to go, it's close and easy! Well not anymore - too much dog poop!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wedding Registry

You know you're in Reno when you go into Sportsmans Warehouse to get fishing supplies and when you're on your way out you stop to look at the "bragging board" and you see this! You can register for wedding gifts? I love they they also advertise this right under all the pictures of dead animals!


Burningman is a crazy, dusty, hippie filled week of chaos. People from all over the world drive and fly to the Black Rock Desert every year to attend Burningman. It's a week long event in the middle of the desert where people do whatever they want. Everyone has to camp, there is no running water unless you bring an RV and the toilets are port-a-potties, it is extremely dusty and dirty, but people love it! It is about a 40 minute flight from Reno so we decided to go! We flew up there, landed at the airport and got in by "having to drop something off to the medics". It was crazy!!!! I wish I took my camera in, the 1 time I didn't have it! I saw way too many naked 80 year olds!


Everyone in Oroville had this style of jean on...high waited, too big and starched. WHY?

Breaking the Motor In

So Mercury did the right thing and sent Duane a new motor!! Yipee!!! The motor needed to be broken in and Duane had to put hours on it, so we headed over to Lake Oroville. We spent a lot of time driving around and little time fishing - it was really nice! This is one of the "scenic" sights Duane pointed out. The stone wall and "road" are from the 1800's when people were looking for gold. (I think that's what he said, I wasn't really paying attention.) The wall and road go under water every year when the lake rises and they are still intact! Cool, huh? Duane thought so!