Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zip Lining

While Fishing....

Today we went up to the local lake to film some videos for one of Duane's sponsors. While we were at the lake I went paddle boarding and then I found this! A ZIP LINE!!!! So much fun!! Can't wait to go "fishing" again!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Once again we are stuck on the side of the freeway in the motor home. It was over 100 degrees and the motor home does not like the heat! The fun never stops. Can't wait to drive to Vegas next week!

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Windy City

Not Chicago, Reno. The wind blew our fence down a few weeks ago so Duane is building a new one himself. He ran the numbers and realized if he did it himself he could buy another boat, just what we need...grumpy Duane because his hands hurt from building a fence and a third boat.

Getting Gas on the Water

I'm not sure this pump still works.

Reno Rodeo

I worked for Copenhagen at the Reno Rodeo this year...10 days of pure bliss. Just kidding, it was more like 10 days of drunk, smelly, fat people. This was one of my favorite things I saw at the was in the middle of the beer garden.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wish List

Dear Duane,

This solid gold bass necklace charm is NOT on my wish list. Please do not buy this for me.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Mess With Duane

We had the bass boat parked out front on and off or 3 days. Duane took it work to clean it, then it slept out front. We went fishing, then it slept out front. Well one of the neighbors called the cops and complained. We got a "warning" and were told to move look what lives out front now. We don't live in a HOA (the street is like a toy parking lot though, everyone has a boat, rv, dirt bikes....) so the only "rules" are the no more than 48 hours in one spot...looks like we'll be switching between the motor home and bass what. What would you rather have in your neighborhood? HAHAHA

Goldfish Crackers

I love goldfish crackers. We had a bunch of crumbs left over in a bag so we decided to see if Gracie liked them too. She does!

Fishing Prossor

Yesterday we went fishing. It was absolutely beautiful! Gracie loves when someone catches a fish (she'll evn jump in the water from the shore and swim to the boat to see it), she watches them bring it in, then she jumps up and down and patiently waits for her chance to lick it!

June 15

Gracie is not happy at the white stuff out there


When Duane was backing the house down the side of the house he HIT the house. Both houses suffered some damage. I think he fixed the leak in the second house. His solution to the problem...he's gonna chop part of the real house off.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Street Fair

There was a street fair/ farmers market/ Twainese festival going on in Stockton...I didn't get out and walk around because I didn't want to get shot, (hey, it is the 2nd most dangerous city in the country) but from my car window I was able to snap this picture of the event....the couple selling Tupperware.

Duane Is Officially a Dork

When did these sun glass over the ear straps become cool? I must have missed the memo...Duane obviously got it!

Kinda Like The Venitian...

We are in Stockton, CA for the FLW fishing tournament. We went to the Hilton for registration and saw this...The The Canal's kinda like the Grand Canal Shops at The Venetian in Las Vegas...only totally different.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I travel A LOT, I very rarely check a bag, but when flying from Vegas to Sacramento two days ago I needed to check my bag. I had a buttload of hooks (for Duane's fishing) and was worried about getting stopped in security, you know all that post 911 stuff, bombs and sharp objects, blah, blah, blah. So I checked my bag...all Duane's baits, all my new clothes and guess what? Southwest lost my bag. But hey they did give me this "cool" toiletry kit. Which did not even come close to helping since I have been in 108 degree weather in Leas Vegas for 12 hours before getting on the plane. They found my bag it was in Reno, I eventually got it 14 hours after I landed.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ford Focus

I landed in Vegas, went to Dollar rent a car and guess what? The sea foam green Ford Focus was available (yes it was the same one, there were dents, scratches and stains in all the same places. But guess what they made two of them. As I was driving down Las Vegas Blvd I snapped a picture of the same car! AMAZING, 2 sea foam green Ford Focus cars, unbelievable! 2 each of gold and sea foam green, Ford really has an array of colors out there.

Duane and Dupree's New Neighborhood

It's called the Flying it's not a trailer park or's a gas station. The Flying J!!! When I got to Stockton last night this is where I went...They have a ton of neighbors and their next door neighbors even take their fridge with them everywhere! Dupree is working on his image, he will now be wearing his suit jacket to weigh ins, to prove he is here to do business! HAHAHA!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Canyon Plastics' New Swim Bait Hook

Duane made a video for a swim bait hook that he designed for one of his sponsors, Canyon Plastics!

Grass Fed Beef

I have been doing a lot of reading lately about the benefits of eating organic and of eating grass fed meat instead of grain fed. If you are interested in this read Omnivores Dilemma, it is an amazing book full of information. I began doing some research and found out the UNR has an agricultural school that raises, slaughters and sells meat, Wolf Pack Meats. Most of their meat is grass fed. I bought some the other night and we had it for dinner. It was delicious. It was so good it is all I am going to buy from now on. It's better for you, raised locally and cheaper than the grocery store! YUM!!