Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Palm Beach

My sister and I were in a hotel room together I got changed and hopped into my bed. My sister looks over and starts hysterically laughing "Palm beach 1980 called...They want their pajamas back".

I Always Wondered

I always made fun of those people riding their bikes with their pants tucked into their socks or those who have the rubber band thing around their pants while riding their bikes. Because seriously how stupid do you have to be to get you pants caught in your bike chain?? Well let me tell you - it happened to me! Twice. On one bike ride. The second time so bad I fell off my bike and ripped my pants...Now I get it!

Just An Added 0

My company was hired to supply promotional models for a new liquor release all over Northern California. I started booking the girls and having the kits (the swag and information packets) to the girls direct from corporate. Well the liquor rep decided I should have 4 kits on hand so I could distribute in last minute situation. Well him being new to the part of his job accidentally shipped 40...this happened two time during the three month promo. Thank god my normal UPS guy was off the day I came home to this...he would have been pissed!!

Green Moster

Best face mask EVER!!! Mix 1/4 teaspoon of each - it will bubbly - don't freak out, put it all over your face, wait 15 minutes wash off!!! Tight clear skin! AMAZING!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Little Boat Drivers Ever

Well... the one in the leopard, hello kitty hat is! Love them! Had so much fun teaching them to drive the boat! Can't wait until they can ski and wake board!!

New Boat

I got a boat!! A mastercraft - yes it's old, but it's amazing and it's mine and I'm happy and it runs perfect!!!

OH $H!T!

The surgery didn't work :-( Now What?....


The vet said the surgery was actually worse than they thought. They had to pull teeth and shave down teeth but the outcome look promising.

Surgery Eve

Of course the night before Buddy has his cleft pallet surgery he decides he can hop fences. Not only did he hop a fence he went to the ~C~R~A~Z~Y~ neighbors house. She called in a hysterical fit. Luckily the other neighbors were around to help with this vicious dog. BUDDY!!

Today Was the Day..

Today was the day Buddy decided he no longer got motion sickness. Today was the day Buddy decided he LOVED boats!


I went to UTAH for the annual JK Convention! Had so much fun hanging out with my sister and her family - I only have a photo with Bentley though!!! Met so many amazing women at the convention!! Everyone was so nice and so incredibly kind and genuine. Loved my time in UTAH!

Rib Cook Off

My FAVORITE thing about Reno/ Sparks!!! The RIB COOK OFF!!!! If there was a rib cook off every month, even every two months I would live in Reno again!!!

Best Photo Bomb EVER!!

Duane and I met up in Sacramento for a day of wake boarding and hanging out. We ended up at a bar on the river listening to live music and drinking beer. Buddy was a little tired, but posed for the picture anyway!

The Van

I'm sure the dented up, scratched, obvious accident ridden cardboard window covered van sells TOYS.


This is how they ride around in the car!

It's Been Awhile....

So I haven't blogged consistently in about 9 months. It's been nine months since I lost Gracie. She was my best friend, was always there for me and had helped me through life for 8 years. I miss her everyday. I am lucky I now have Buddy and when I look through my photos of the last nine months I realize I need to start blogging again!! I have about 15 entries to post in the next few days and then will be updating frequently. Hope you enjoy!!!