Monday, January 31, 2011

Get It Gracie

Duane has one of those really dorky remote control trucks...he insists it's cool. Gracie doesn't agree... HAHAHAHA!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Tooth Fairy

When I drove to Vegas a few weeks back I ate 22 mini candy canes. As I was biting down on one of them I lost the filling from one of my cavities. Not a big deal just a little chip. I called the dentist and made an appointment to go in and get it fixed. Less than 24 hours before my appointment I was flossing - trying to make up for lost time - and I pulled a 1/4 of my tooth off with the floss! OH GREAT!! The dentist was able to fix it and and yes it was expensive and will be more expensive in the next few months, but that is not the point of this post. I saved the part of my tooth that broke off and put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy. Guess what? The tooth fairy came and brought me my favorite chocolate bar! A milky bar! YUM!! And he left me a a 1/4 of a dollar bill. Apparently the tooth fairy didn't get a whole tooth so I didn't get a whole dollar. Must be the economy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What's He Doing

We were fishing at Lake Oroville enjoying the day when we came upon this guy. What is he doing? He spent at least 2 hours banging rocks together and digging holes. What is he doing?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Good Thing...

Good thing this yahoo wore his Ranger "tournament jersey". I'm sure Ranger has spys among the 18 boats that were at the CBC tournament. Come on, they're writing the placing on a dry erase board as they go and releasing the fish right here at the dock...I'm sure a sweatshirt would have been fine here.

Plane Crash

Just before Duane's weigh-in at Shasta for the CBC tournament a plane crashed!! I missed the actual crash, BUT I did get a few photos of the aftermath. Crazy! They were going to have to pull it out the next day! There were 3 people on board and everyone is okay...although I did hear that the guy didn't have insurance. That makes for a bad day.

Present Time

These earrings are AMAZING!!!! They are made out of the blades for spinner baits. I can't believe they are only $5.99 INCREDIBLE!


Friday, January 21, 2011

Movie Star

Everyone LOVES the truckster! We'll be driving down the street singing, because there is no radio (well technically there is but it is an old push button am only with blown speakers) and people will drive by and smile. They wave, they give us a thumbs up, they pull over and ask about it! Everyone LOVES the truckster! We were going to get coffee the other day and and this guy pulls in behind us, cuts us off, parks haphazardly and runs over to us trying to park. he starts asking questions about the car and then asks if he can take pictures and then...asks if they can use it in a movie!! WHAT?!?!?! Yep, they want the truckster for a real movie, with actual famous people in it. They called and low balled us on a price so we'll have to see!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prepping For Lake Shasta

Dumb and Dumber (Duane and Dupree) decided to "plant" trees in Lake Shasta this winter in hopes that the fish would decide to make the trees their homes. We went up to Shasta with cinder blocks, rope and big dreams...After two days in freezing temperature these two dumb asses felt like their mission was accompilshed. They

were very pleased with their work knowing that in the three Shasta tournaments that would take place in January, they would have schools of bass to catch...or so they thought! They pulled and tied and huffed and puffed all day making sure they "planted" these trees in exactly the right spot. They watched the GPS, looked through the camera and even had me hold this fishing pole (photo 5) with line attached to it so I could "feel" the tree land on the bottom (just between us I never felt anything).
Guess what with two tournaments over I am not happy to report that despite all the bonding time we had in the cold NO fish moved to these trees. There was NOT even 1 fish! Poor guys...there is still 1 more tournament left, lets home the fish moved!

Best License Plate Ever

Seat Belt Required

These parking spots were built to allow the people in wheel chairs closer access to the launch ramp...obviously the lake was not as low as it is now when they put this parking here. (If you look close you can see all the trucks parked below at the launch ramp.) All I can say is hold on and enjoy the ride! HAHAHAHA!!! Good Luck!

Too Late

I didn't see this sign in time.

Consumer Electronics Show aka CES aka Petting Zoo

CES is the biggest trade show that comes to Vegas every year. It's fully of computer nerds and huge geeks. It takes over the entire convention center and multiple hotels. After CES this year "they" said Vegas was coming back...records were broken for how many people came through the airport and how many cabs left the airport! This yahoo came to our booth and he had his parrot on his shoulder! WHAT?? I have no idea how he was able to get a parrot in there, security is so tight. Maybe it's a seizure detecting parrot? I know for sure it wasn't a B.O. detecting parrot, this guy smelled horrible!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Handicap Section

Why do people in wheelchairs get special seating places? Don't they get to sit wherever they want? Also, why do they get really close parking spaces? They should have the back ones, it's not like they can't handle the long walk, they're not gonna get tired. While I'm blogging about this. Why do fat people ride around in those lark things? They're the ones that need the exercise. I need a lark thing, I'm tired from the gym and parking far away and walking from the non-handicap seating section...

Gum - The New Glue

Strong enough to hold treadmills together.

What A Deal

Just in time for New Year's resolutions. Why wouldn't you pay $39.99 to go to all 7 buffets in a 24 hour period. That's why all the gyms in Vegas were empty...people gave up early!

Never A Good Sign

Duane said he had to replace a tube on the I went to the gym and when I came home two hours later this is what I saw. Obviously it wasn't just 1 tube.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Diet Time

With the new year upon us it's time to start the diet! I love nacho cheese sauce...plastic's not fattening right?

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

Looking forward to a magical 2011!