Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Think It's Gonna be a LONG Day

Duane went out to launch the boat this morning and guess what? He forgot to take the straps off, so after pulling it out of the water twice he was on his way to fish!

The Greatest Fisherman of All Time

Mike Folkestad is the world's best fisherman. I already have his signed trading card and now look what I have...A signed framed picture (and how lucky are we, he called us great friends)!!! I am trying to find the perfect place in the motor home to hang it.


Every time time we come to Lake Shasta it rains, not sprinkles, but pours. It is horrible. Last time we had a tournament here it rained so hard we ended up with a swimming pool on the top bunk in the motor home. (The Midas) At least this time we have only two minor leaks and are clothes are not completely soaked through so we didn't have to go to the Laundromat, we were able to just hang them in front of the heater vents! FUN! FUN! FUN!

We've Sprung a Leak - or Two

Duane just put a new rubber membrane on the Ultra, a new roof. And guess what there has been soooooo much rain we're leaking. Two leaks and not much but one through the emergency exit window and one through the air conditioner. FUN!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Team Building Experience

Many companies have team building days where they get the whole team together and participate in events that make most people uncomfortable, thinking it will bond them. Well I think that's what Duane was trying to do when he had this brilliant idea . . . "Hey New Years Eve at Lake Shasta, it'll be fun!!! We will fish all day and then have dinner in Redding, that night" (He has a tournament here in a few weeks so he needs to practice - oh ya and dinner in Redding is like Olive Garden or Marie Calendars.) So away we drove from 3 inches of snow Reno this morning and into nonstop rain in Shasta. It hasn't stopped from the second we got here. Gracie and I stuck it out though. We got on the boat, Gracie in her newly built hiding spot and me in my rain gear and went out to fish. All I did was stare at the motor home the whole time wishing I was in it. After the shortest fishing day ever, Duane's fingers froze after 30 minutes, we go to be done. YES!!! The highlight of my day - other than the quality time spent with Duane was a fantastic dinner at Outback!

Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had a little reindeer on Christmas...poor Gracie, again.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Pork-A-Phobia is one of those phobias that is not given as much attention as it deserves. Pork-A-Phobia affects a growing number of individuals all over the world, it is a phobia over something that is unavoidable in this modern day. It is a phobia of FAT people. It affects people on airplanes, trains, stores, schools, at work and most importantly in the buffet line. Symptoms to look for to diagnose yourself would be: constant desire to vomit at the thought of excess rolls and folds, avoiding the gym so you won't see certain people in spandex, boarding an airplane last so you pick who you sit next to (to avoid the unavoidable flopping over into your space), the list goes on but these where a pretty good example of what to look for. If you have any of these warning signs I would say immediately seek out a support group, but there isn't one, apparently in this day and age it is harassment and discrimination to not like like fat people (we are all people, they have a thyroid problem, there body is just built that way, they're big boned...). Your only option is to avoid them, which is getting hard because now over 50% of the population qualifies as porky.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


If there is a certain post you are looking for and it is not here it was removed due to a complaint! (Some people are so sensitive!)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Picky Eater

I HATE to eat food that touches, everyone that knows me knows that. I don't know why it started or how but, YUCK! GROSS! We had chicken and corn one night for dinner and because Duane is at work every other night, and I can't cook, he usually makes extra for me for the next night. He usually cooks and I clean up and put the leftover food away. Well this particular night he decided to clean up and this is how he left my dinner...all touching and on top of of each other. When I saw it I through up a little in my mouth. Three days later it's still sitting in the fridge, I think Gracie is getting it for dinner tomorrow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Flying In December

When we got to the airport yesterday they hadn't plowed around the planes yet...Duane had to push the plane out of its spot as the plow drivers drove by and watched. We eventually got up in the air. When we landed we realized that they had plowed the spot, oh that's nice you say, but when they plowed the ripped the tie downs off. Duane had to make make shift ones so the plane wouldn't move! It was a beautiful flight, with all the snow on the mountains!

The Reason I Quit Jewelry

I was taking a jewelry class at the local community college, in the beginning it was fun. I made a ring and a key chain thingy, well then we switched to lost wax casting. The teacher told us a good idea would be to start with our name. So I did (see previous post). The following week after it had been cast this is what he handed me...he told me to go saw out my name. Seriously?!?!?! The saw is huge, this is tiny and intricate and a hard metal! I calmly packed up my bag and walked out, never to return again!

Donny's Play

Donny, Duane's brother, participates - I mean acts - in his Church play every six months. This play was titled "This is the Day". It was a play about re-finding Jesus. Donny did an amazing job. By the end of the play everyone had laughed and a lot of people had cried! Great Job Donny! Can't wait 'till the next one!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

That's One Way to Clear a Bathroom

I am so glad I can't go into the boys bathroom.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It's a Time Machine

Once again Lake Shasta. I haven't seen one of these in I don't know how long!

World's Largest What?

We went over to Lake Shasta to fish - what else - and I saw this The Largest Grindstone in the World. WOW! What the heck is it?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Losing Touch

They say that couples often lose touch with one another when their home is too big. They stop talking to each other as much and there is a lack of closeness. I hope that doesn't happen in the new Ultra! This thing is HUGE!


For Thanksgiving this year we decided it would be a good idea for everyone to come to our house, my family and Duane's family. What were we thinking? It was a lot of fun starting with Wednesday night Mexican food night - costumes were not required but were appreciated. Thanksgiving was lots of fun, costumes were to be Thanksgiving themed - Gracie was a turkey, Duane was and Indian Giver and I was a pre-mature Candy Cane (I didn't have my curve yet). It was a lot of fun and I think everyone had a good time. We would love to do it again for Christmas... oh too bad Duane has to work the day before and the day after!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Thought They Were Only in Movies

I thought that a Piggly Wiggly was a made up movie grocery store, kinda like the area code 555. I thought wrong!

Catherine's First Job

When we were young, I'm guessing my sis was 10 and I was 12, she got a job. Catherine worked down the street at the comic book store. She LOVED it! I saw this photo for Christmas's most wanted toys over the years. This was definitely a her most wanted toy. I mean she worked at a comic book store and instead of getting a paycheck of cold hard cash... she got paid in POGS!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Home While in Alabama

The view was beautiful, but there are NO words for the interior design abilities of the DOCTOR we rented the house from!

I Have to Pee!

When will the snow/ rain stop? I need to pee and don't want to get my feet wet.

We Don't Need an Indoor Pool in The Motorhome

So the new Ultra leaks, great! We have been through this before, with the Midas (scroll down for photo). So instead of taking it to a motor home roof place or calling the seller, or just selling it, Duane decided to fix it himself. He bought the "kit" complete with video - I know this because I watched it. BOOOO! All the top pieces had to come off, then the old roof had to be ripped of and new plywood had to be put down, and finally the rubber membrane was glued down. It took him about 4 days, but he got it done. We'll find out if it works over Thanksgiving when we sleep in it!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Biggest Fish Ever

On our way back from Alabama we took a 700 miles detour and went to Falcon Lake. I caught my biggest fish ever!! I had an even bigger one on, but it wrapped itself up in a tree. Duane was yelling, "Don't let it go into a tree!!" But the trees were underwater, and I was not blessed with underwater, x-ray, special fisherman vision so of course the fish swam into the tree and I lost him. I actually had to break the line and lost Duane's spinner bait! I was just happy because I kicked Duane's butt fishing and he's the "PRO"!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's not FUN LAND if there is only 2 slides.

Indian Mound and Museum

I went to school for anthropology so Indians kind of interest me. I paid may $2 and went into the Indian museum. First you HAVE to watch a 4 minute video introducing you to the Indians and why they came to the area. Then you walk around the museum - about the size of your bedroom, except for the room where you watch the video and the room that houses the attacking stuffed dog thing - then you go outside and climb like 100 stairs to go to the top of the mound and there is nothing up there - oh ya there is - some benches - I'm sure the Indians built those! The best part of the museum was the tour guide. It was her birthday and the entire time I was there she was on the phone to the cable people asking them to put a rush on coming to fix her cable box because she did not want to watch FOX news for three straight days, she kept telling them she was in her 70's and had been a customer since the beginning...I hope they helped her out.