Thursday, March 31, 2011

What We Accomplished Today

Duane = replaced my car's brakes, fixed the Lexus battery, exchanged battery, bought battery charger, charged Master Craft battery, droped station wagon at transmission place, went to costco with me to buy rugs, made dinner...
Victoria = rehung the plastic bag holder in the garage...YES I know its crooked - but it needed 2 screws, I mean nails and I guessed how far apart they were and just "eyeballed" their height

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Bathroom

While I was away working in Vegas the weather was really bad. It snowed and rained and miserable, forcing Duane to stay put on his 4 days off. Well look what he did!!! AMAZING!! He totally redid my bathroom! I LOVE it!! It only took him one day!! He is super talented! As he just said "Re-bath has nothing on me!" I will rent him out if anyone needs a new bathroom!!


I just worked my LAST CONVENTION EVER!!!! I bought these shoes from Mervyns when they were closing down. They are super comfortable and great for long conventions, what they lack in looks they made up in price $4.99!!! They were such a deal! Well, now years later they are old, worn in and STINKY!!! Goodbye shoes!!! I was so happy throwing them away!

Business Idea

While working a convention a person at the show gave his "business card" to one of the girls I was working with! HAHAHAHA!!!
Just in case you can't read it is says...
Love INstructor
Priest & Devil Trainer
Virgins Converted
Wild Beast Tamed

VIP View

I was once again working for Leibherr at the Con Expo trade show in Vegas, my last show! This was my view from the VIP Lounge!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This was also at the fitness convention. It is a horse thingy. It moves and fake gallops like a horse. There was a video playing that showed this being used outside, I'm not sure how it would work in the rain...Or if it even works at all. The best part of the day was when the Chinese man jumped on and played a shooting/ hunting video game while riding the horse! HAHAHAHA!

Time Out

Poor Bentley!

Do You Wanna Sproing?

I worked the fitness convention in San Francisco last week. The company I worked for was Sproing! It's a treadmill that's not a treadmill. Easier on the joints and low impact. You strap into a harness and run on a cushy pad, you can vary resistance of the harness and firmness on the pad making it harder or easier. Very interesting concept, they have done a lot of research and it works!...wanna sproing?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sit Down and Shut UP

Oh crap...
"Do you have your fishing license?"
"Is Gracie on a leash?"
"Did we get inspected for Quagga muscles?"
"Do we have life jackets?"
...Wait a minute that's not a park ranger or forest service, just some retard with his own insignia on the side of his truck. WHY?

Clear Lake Oaks

This is the place we "camped" in the motor home at the launch ramp for so long that the people in the trailer park would see us in the grocery store - I mean gas station and say "Hi neighbor!" This is the place where Gracie got hit by a truck and almost had to have her leg amputated. This is the place where my tire got slashed. This is the place we always come back to. Gotta love Clear Lake Oaks. I may no long accidentally swallow lake water when I go swimming though...were they pumping in or out?

Chinese Food

Duane and I LOVE going on road trips and fishing. We normally go to the grocery store before we leave for a trip and then plan on eating some of the fish that we catch. Well every once in a while we like to taste the local cuisine. Most of the time that means some random restaurant that we have seen a totally photo shopped food photo from. But then there are those lucky times we stumble across some crazy Chinese restaurant. There is one on the backside of a gas station in Shasta and then there is this one!!! The one in Clearlake Oaks. It is actually it's own building, but there is a bar attached and there are always yahoos with ZZ Top beards drunk, singing karaoke and spewing profanities. But the food is AMAZING!! Not sure what the theme here is though Christmas stickers on the register table and Chinese and "tiffany" lamps hanging from the ceiling! Good food though.

Don't Be A Tool!

As I was boarding my plane from San Francisco to Seattle some tool behind me started chatting me up about my suitcase - which by the way I borrowed from my mom.
"Nice suitcase", Tool said.
Me ignoring him...he can't be talking to me, it's a plain black case.
"Can you believe they give luggage with cars?" Tool said.
"Huh", I turn around to see what and who he's talking to.
"Do you have one of those?"
"One of what?" I ask confused and annoyed.
A crossfire car? That's what your suitcase is from. When crossfire came out with certain models they gave away luggage", Tool informed me.
I rolled my eyes boarded the plane.

Is This To Lock Me In?

I love my nice Bentley! She's so cute and so funny, but apparently she likes to get up in the night and go sleep with Mommy and Daddy, so...they put this bungee cord on the door, "Just to keep Hudson (her little brother) out", they tell her! HAHAHA, wait until she's old enough to read my blog.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Virgin America Airlines

Everyone has their own TV on Virgin America, so I watched Dharma and Greg the whole way to Seattle. I love that show!

A Day With The Kids

I went to Seattle to visit my sister and her family. On the Friday after I got there my sister had to work so my brother in law (Jeff) and I took the kids on the Red Hook Brewery Tour. So much fun. Not as much walking as we thought it was more just standing in a room and drinking. But still fun, I think the kids had a great time. After the tour my sister met us there and we had some snacks. The beer and cheese dip was AMAZING!!! I was then left with Bentley for a few minutes while they figured out cars and bathrooms. I let her drink out of a cup with a straw. It spilled everywhere. She was uncomfortable so I took her wet shirt off (she had a tank underneath) but boy did we get in trouble for that one. BOOOOO Catherine!!

New Model

This girl submitted to be a model for me...REALLY? What in her mind told her she could be a model for me? Has she looked at my website? Once again, she must have VERY encouraging parents.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Reno Beauty Pageant

So I was trolling around online and I stumbled across pictures from the 2011 Reno/Sparks Beauty Pageant. Who are these people? Their parents must be very supportive and very encouraging. Good luck! (These photos were not taken by me...I found them online! - I wish I was there!)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Working On The...

Chain Gang!! I was driving home and I glanced over and saw this...I absolutely had to make U-Turn so I could take photos and blog about this! I love that their bring chain gangs back!! I think it would have made a better blog it they were actually chained together though!

People Still Have Cassettes?

Do people still have cassette players? Apparently so! While we were doing our weekly trip to the car parts store I saw this!!! I had no idea people still had cassette players, let alone in their cars. I love a good old cassette, especially when it gets jammed in the payer and all the ribbon comes out in a big ball of crap! HAHAHA! The good old days!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My Drive To Vegas...

I have been back and forth to Las Vegas a lot lately. The last time I went it was VERY last minute and the flights were expensive so I decided to drive. I got on the road by 2:15 am and started the L-O-N-G drive down. I NEVER speed, I drive like an old lady, but about three hours in, around Hawthorne, I had to pee. I started hunting around for napkins so I could just pull over and go. I must have hit the accelerator because I looked up and in front of me and there was a cop (I don't know how he radared me because he was parked on the side of the road, ahead of me facing the way I was going, but he pulled me over.) Lights and all...I was shaking, had no idea why I was being pulled over and I had to pee. He approached my car and starting asking a lot of questions about who I was, where I was going...I gave him all my info and he went back to his car. A few minutes later he came back and told me to drive very careful and a lot slower. I said thank you and I would. He also told me to make sure to stop at all stop signs and indicate when I switched lanes because I HAD A WARRANT FOR MY ARREST IN CLARK COUNTY!!!!! ?!?!?!WHAT?!?!?! What's a warrant? How do you get one? What's it for? He said he had no idea and just call the court when I got to Vegas and figure it out.
I drove the rest of the way at 60 miles per hour with my hands shaking the whole way!! I got into Vegas and called the Clark County court...nothing, Vegas civil, municipal and traffic courts...nothing. The cop played a trick on me to force me to drive slow!!!!
I will be driving the speed limit from here on out!!!

Belly Rubs

Gracie LOVES cuddle time with Duane. They lay in the beanbag and have coffee/cuddle time every morning. After a long night of protecting the house while Duane is at work she loves having her belly rubbed. She was so content this morning she didn't even notice she was rubbing her own belly!