Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today At The Delta - You Be the Judge

So we fished the Delta today, getting ready for the tournament on Thursday and Friday. We both had a great day, as did Travis (even though I didn't take any pics of him). Here are a few photos from out day...Remember its quantity not quality! Who do you think did better?

Jam On It

Jam On It returned to the Reno Sparks Convention Center for their annual Memorial Day Tournament - I will be marking this on my calendar for next year - to remind me NOT to work it again!

First of all it is a 12, 000 participant basketball tournament for grades 3 - 12. Most all of the teams are from the East Bay, east of San Francisco, west of the Caldacott Tunnel. Second I was working for Verizon. (Great company - I use their service) The event was so disorganized and poorly run it was amazing, Our supervisors had NO idea we were working and didn't know we needed breaks. They were odd. Then the "participants/player" were so rude and disrespectful I don't know how they get by in normal society. I have posted a picture of Alana and I happy, happy, but this is before the event began.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Is This A Ride?

Duane took me to Disney land for my 30th Birthday! Yea for Disneyland, Boo for 30! We had a great day. There are so many more rides there now. These are two we DID NOT go on!! The cage thing were you pack like sardines into the little floaty thing and it take you 10 yards across a pond, so you can hike all over a hill? NOOOO! Or the canoe thing where you have to actually paddle! NOOOO! Those "rides" suck!

Top Ten at Lake Oroville - We're Going To Disneyland!

Duane just fished the Stren at Lake Oroville. The fishing was slow and the fish were small. On day one he went out and caught a limit, but went into day two in 51st place. Middle of the pack, not bad. When he blasted off on day two he just went to fish. Because he was the first boat on day one he was the last one on day 2. Good thing he was. Duane ended up weighing in the big fish of the day and four others to catapult him into 5th place!! Amazing. No one could believe he made such a massive jump. Top Ten here he comes! On the third and final day Duane went to win. He ended up in 9th place, but cashed a check and brought home a plaque. It was a great day for him and everyone involved. Duane's mom, two brothers, niece and nephews and friends came to watch the weigh ins as did my sis, brother in law and niece. It was so much fun. Everyone was happy to be there. (The Chico State team also took 2nd in their tournament.) When Duane was on stage weighing in his fish he then wished me a happy birthday and told me we where flying to Disneyland the next day!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

If he falls of the stage its concrete not water!

In case you don't know those straps he has on is a life jacket. He has been off of his boat for at least 15 minutes, why is it still on?

After Fishing

After Duane gets bored with fishing he's going to join that mountain man competition where they run on logs, he's just practicing. Seriously though?, he did not catch a fish in there.

Dear Mr Prop Fixer,

Dear Mr Prop Fixer, aka Dave, I know you are always wondering why Duane constantly needs his prop fixed and redone...hopefully this answers that question.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Favorite Sign

I saw this sign on someones facebook page, I think. I LOVE it!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Digital Channel 8.2

We don't have cable tv. We get the basic few channel and that's enough. With all the new digital stuff we had to get a converter box. Thank god we did!! We get more channels now. The one I especially like is 8.2. It is a sports channel - kinda. Ski racing has been on it, swimming has been on it... Well, last night the Para-Olympics were on. It was basketball, it was the best thing I have ever seen. If you get the chance tune in. You will not be sorry!

Reality Television

I have spent the last seven days working as a production assistant on a reality show that was filming in the Reno area. I can't believe that people still subject themselves and their families to this. I also can't stand people that saw they are one way and then when you get down to it, they are truly what they claim they are not. People come on these shows for fame...let's be honest...really let's be honest. Don't say your something your not because after spending a week with you people realize your true colors!

Duane's New Outfit

I want this to be the outfit that Duane wears at the tournament weigh-ins from now on. I am not sure his sponsors will like it...