Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reason #376

Yet another reason Buddy cannot be left out of his crate when he's home alone. Buddy opened a zipped cosmetic bag, puled out a razor and ate it. (He was not hurt and I found the rest of the razor in the other room!)

Avocado Season

Apparently Buddy likes avocados. He jumped on he kitchen table ripped open the netted bag they came in. Pulled out and avocado and went and hid to enjoy his new favorite treat. he was a little to quiet so I went to look for him and this is what I found. He LOVED it!!

Problem Solved

I was wondering why I was waking up with a sore neck in the morning!

Oasis Island

The relaxation station from last year didn't last! Thank God Costco has the new and improved Oasis Island for this year. Not sure if it's really improved, but its $10 more and is a bit bigger and has 2 extra drink holders - so based on those facts I'm calling it improved. Can't wait to blow this baby up and float away!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014




That is my huge love sac bean bag. Yes it is ripped open. Yes that is the foam from inside EVERYWHERE. Yes the dog did it. Yes it was partially my fault. I should have trimmed his nails and I should have sewn the hole when it was small and not waited until this happened! My bad!

The Beaver

!. The beaver in the neighbors yard. 2. Up close of the beaver. 3. Duane feeding the beaver. 4. The beaver walking away to die. We did not kill the beaver. Neighbors said she had had been wrecking havoc in the hood for at least 30 years, had had numerous litters (?) of babies and was just old. Poor thing...animal control came and took her away.

The Truth

**New Bling**

I decided after two years in the sun the pink pontoon needed new colorful bling. I spent the afternoon ripping off the old bedazzles and reapplying...I did add more this time but I stopped short of what I want to do...wouldn't want it to be gaudy! ;-)

Milo's Kitchen Website

Gracie and I were very fortunate to be chosen to be part of the new Milo's Kitchen ad campaign. Here are a few images from their website. Check their site frequently as we took photos for year's worth of advertising! The Milo's team was seriously the best team I have ever worked for. They were kind and generous and great towards Gracie and I. When they heard about her passing they sent me 3 beautifully framed photos from the shoot!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Short Hair. Don't Care.

Chopped my hair...Getting used to it! We'll see how long it lasts!