Thursday, March 17, 2011

Chinese Food

Duane and I LOVE going on road trips and fishing. We normally go to the grocery store before we leave for a trip and then plan on eating some of the fish that we catch. Well every once in a while we like to taste the local cuisine. Most of the time that means some random restaurant that we have seen a totally photo shopped food photo from. But then there are those lucky times we stumble across some crazy Chinese restaurant. There is one on the backside of a gas station in Shasta and then there is this one!!! The one in Clearlake Oaks. It is actually it's own building, but there is a bar attached and there are always yahoos with ZZ Top beards drunk, singing karaoke and spewing profanities. But the food is AMAZING!! Not sure what the theme here is though Christmas stickers on the register table and Chinese and "tiffany" lamps hanging from the ceiling! Good food though.

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