Friday, September 21, 2012


How I Spend My Evenings

What Does L Mean?

I rented the new Ford Focus when I went to Vegas last week. It was not the normal car I rent so I was a little confused. It seemed to not have any power or umpf to it and then I realized I was in L gear - oops.

Family Fishing Fun

My parents came over for dinner and decided they wanted to learn to fish...they didn't catch anything.


Duane is always talking about how he does everything. Well not everything obviously. Someone (me) didn't grocery shop so there is no food. Wait till I stop paying the garbage and cable! HA

Someone Likes Big Girls

I wish I could have gotten a closer picture of this. It is one of those signs, usually on mud flaps, that have the hot girl on them... This on has a fat girl and says THICK. Who thinks this stuff up?

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Only In Vegas

I saw this billboard posted on a friend's Facebook wall! HAHAHAHA!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Out For A Saturday Cruise

Gracie and I out on the PINK PONTOON!! Is that a health code violation?

Bad Girl

Really Gracie? I leave you alone for 6 hours and you destroy your bed? This only hurts where are you gonna sleep? Oh ya with me! Now I see your plan.

My Happy Place

Sitting in the hammock reading!

New Uniform

This made my night!! This is the shirt the busboy wore the other night! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Drunk Tank

This guy was sitting at my bar pouring the pitcher of ice tea out all over the place 5 minutes before I took this photo. He's not drunk at all, no wonder management wouldn't kick him out...I should have served him another one! Three cop cars showed up and took him away about a hour later!

Burningman Traffic

Every year tens of thousands of people flock to black rock city to "experience" Burningman and "grow themseves". WHAT??? They go to the dusty desert have a life altering time, swear to come back to the "default world" and be peaceful and happy and then they go and do something like this. There are two lanes going over 80, one for cars and one for trucks and trailers. What did this "peaceful" burner do? This retard in his rickety old truck towing his rickety old trailer chose the car lane and then proceed to drive 35 the whole way instead of 55. As I passed him and looked at him he flipped me off...I say go back to the desert you A- HOLE.

Coloring Pete's Heads

The restaurant where I work has coloring papers for all the kids and adults. When a really good Pete's head gets turned in we frame it and hang it on the wall. It is VERY, VERY rare to get a wall worthy head. This is my favorite one that I've seen in a while. What did this kid draw on the sides?

Dress Code

I don't understand high school clothing anymore...supposedly these are THE sock to be wearing. NO!

Great America Amusement Park

I LOVE roller coasters and amusement parks. I love everything about them, except the lines. I bought a season pass, the gold one - which means FREE VIP parking, to Great America this year. I have gone so much. I have learned its best to go alone because they are always looking for a single person to jump the line. You get to ride everything in 1 day and never wait!!! Any way this is my favorite sign at Great America!!! HAHAHAHA


I tried pickling for the first time! DISASTER!!! I was following a recipe and it asked for bigger jars than I had so I eyeballed all the measurements...BAD IDEA. All 6 jars of pickles, carrots and green beans went into the Delta. I am now selling canning jars if anyone needs them!


4th of July is a happy holiday where people come together and watch neighborhood parades and have bbqs and watch fireworks....not in Danville. People start "saving" their parade spots at 6am on the 3rd of July. The rule is you can save your spot starting on the 3rd, but need to stay in your spot until 6pm and then your spot is your and saved. If your chairs are out at 6pm no one can move them. So there are crazy people that take their sidewalk chalk mark up their area of the sidewalk put a chair down and sit there for 12 hours to make sure they have a view of the parade. I am not talking Macys Thanksgiving Day parade here. I'm talking kids on bikes, old people playing instruments... Some of these parade goers are nuts!! Watching them is better than the parade!! Happy 4th of July!!

It's In YOUR car!

One of the most popular questions I am asked in my house is "Where is the tire pressure gauge?" Really?!?!?!? "I don't know", is my usually response to which I hear...."It was in your car last". It's NEVER in my car. I don't check my tire pressure, I wait for the little light to come on and tell me the pressure is low (unless its cold out and the light is on just because). Well please don't ask me where it is again. It was under your tire you idiot!

5 More Minutes

Gracie was obviously not ready to get up this morning!