Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lesson Learned

My boat is up and running so of course I want to give everyone a ride. Apparently there are rules for "boating"...the sheriff saw us, I pulled off the throttle immediately and almost sank us. It was not good...I could go through the whole conversation but I'll cut to the chase...we were 5 pfds short, no throwable, no exstingisher, no insureance, no registration, a cooler full of beer, someone sitting on the railing, a bunch of drunk people and barking dog! The sheriff followed us home and watched me "park" he said " I knew you were either firemen or cops" the ones who get lectured but shouldn't need too! Thank god was there - all was got was a fix it ticket for $25 (it should have been a minimum ticket of $3,000) Thank you Duane for being a Fire Captain and a talker!

Island Inn Hotel

I LOVE this place...I can't wait to be a 70 year old snowbird. This hotel is amazing!!! Not only do they let you have dogs inside, without sneaking them in, BUT they have about 30 people who like here for 3 months out of the year (snowbirds) and they are all at least 65 years old. They some from all over the country to Lake Havasu's Island Inn every year! They all have coffee together in the morning, the women put puzzles together, the men play cards. They have tv time at night. The best part of their day is between 1pm and 4pm...POOL TIME!!!! They pull on their bright orange swim trunks, tuck there hair under a large hat or swim cap and head outside. They sneak in their coolers of beer and all the fun starts. They strip off their cover ups, hop on their noodles and in the pool they go. They spray on their dark tanning oil, play a little corn hole and then off to dinner they go! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Dream Machine

When I left for work Friday morning Duane told me that there was NO way my boat would be running for our weekend bbq. I was sad because all I want to do is drive that fricken forward 6 sad, long hours waiting on people...I pull into the house, walk through the house and guess what?!?!?!?! My boat is on the water, and even better it works!!! It really pays to have a handy, dandy, motor rebuilding, part inventor around!!! I was soooooooo happy!!!! We grabbed some wine and took her out!! That thing moves, we probably got up to 15 miles per hour! I can't wait to paint it pink and cruise the delta!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

One Step Closer

I got a motor. Now the easy part, it needs to be put on!

First Beer on MY Boat

At sunset none the less.

Gracie and Her Orange

Gracie hate playing catch. She hates balls. She hate hard objects. She went into my purse. She found this orange. She pulled it out. She is carrying it around the entire house. She won't let it out of her sight. She loves her orange.

The Dock

My favorite boat is the one on the left!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Fell In

A pile of my soaking wet clothes and shoes. Not sure how this happened, I think it was due to Duane's inalienability to give correct and COMPLETE instructions he thinks it was due to my stupidity.

Judgement Day

We needed to make sure the boat floated, it was free after all. We launched the boat and Orowood and the fun began. Duane put on a wet suit and took the compressor house and into the water he went...adding air and checking for leaks. We were nervous and thinking there would be a few small ones, but NNNNOOOOO, there were no leaks!!! Just to make sure we tied it to the dock and drove home. A few house later we took the Master Craft over to Orowood, where the pontoon boat was still floating and towed it home.

My Boat

I have an amazing business idea...I just need a pontoon boat. I was willing to spend $4,000. But guess what? After hours on craigslist, looking and calling and researching I found the perfect boat and guess what?!?!?! It was FREE!!!! There is no motor but it's free...we'll see if it floats! Fingers crossed.

The Fridge Won

The last thing, other than cleaning, that needed to be done to Duane's rental in Reno was out a fridge in. The whole deal started a little shady. We went to some back alley storage unit where two guys were sitting in a storage unit PACKED full of house hold stuff "We /buy from estate sales and then sell the stuff on craigslist." they said "RRRIIIGGGHHTTT", I thought as Duane chatted with them about what a great idea that was. REALLY???? The guys take the cash and then go into their "other" storage unit and drive out a fork lift...hmmm. Anyway they forklift this humongous fidge into the truck. We drive back to the rental house and that's where we realize we have at least one are we going to get it out of the truck? We don't have a forklift. Duane comes up with a ends up with a severly dented and scratched fridge, broken bricks in the front yard and him pinned between a tree and the fridge. At least it's out! So Duane, his mom and I push/ drag the dented up, scratched fridge up the rocky driveway......
30 minutes later...
we're dismantling the fridge because it's too big to fit in the front door....
30 minutes later...
pushing and shoving it into the fidge slot...
the fridge won't fit...
cutting the window sill off....
the fridge is stuck....
sawing down the cabinets and granite counter tops...
pushing and shoving again....
like a glove.