Thursday, April 29, 2010

Gracie is such a good little least she'll sleep good tonight! (Can you even see her head?)

Free Boat

Anyone can have it!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Song Number 2 on the Play List Below, Right...

Dupree went to Austin and he got more than a f-ing t shirt.

Can The Fish See People?

I don't get the people that think the fish can see you...if they could wouldn't you wear blue, to match the sky, instead of camo? I told Duane if he ever made me dress like this to go fishing I would punch him in the wiener.

We Didn't Use This Launch Ramp

When we're in Lake Shasta we usually "camp" by the dam and have easy access to the launch ramp. Sometimes when the water is low the ramp is out on an island and sometimes it's the normal concrete one. We are always very happy about the ease of the dam area. Well the dam people just planted trout so every yahoo was out there trying to catch them and the recent storm has pushed all the logs and crap right to the bottom of the ramp. There was NO way we were going to be part of this jumble, so off we went to the other launch ramp 10 miles away!

Skinny People Only

We stopped at Red Robin (one of my favs!!) for dinner. I went into the bathroom and I could barely fit in the stall, my shoulder was pressed against the toilet paper holder. I have no idea how anyone larger than myself would be able to pee! Still on of my favorite restaurants though.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Chamber of Commerce

Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE PLAQUES!!! I love all kinds of plaques. I joined the Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce because I thought it would increase my business. Their main selling point was that they shopped from within the chamber. They preached supporting local businesses, but emphasized hiring from within the chamber first...well what they meant was we will shop local, or within the chamber first unless the someone outside the Chamber is free...Well I could have afforded to be free if I didn't pay my $260 chamber membership. Last time I checked free is not business it's charity.

Good Neighborhood or Bad Neighborhood?

You know you're in a less than desirable neighborhood when the dumpsters have locks on them. Why? Is it to stop illegal dumping? Is it to stop people looking for cans, plastic and bottles? Or is it so people don't sleep in them? I guess we'll never know.


Gracie always finds a snack! The tastiest snacks always seem to be hiding!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Collagen Face Mask!!

Holy Crap!!! I LOVE these! I know I look like Hannibal Lector but this product is AMAZING!! I put it on my face for 30 minutes and when I removed it my skin was soft and a ton of my fine lines were gone!! This is a must have for everyone! Call me to purchase 925 348 0097

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Collecting a Pay Check

Today I left Las Vegas to go home to Reno. I went through the Vegas airport, checked my bags and proceeded to security. I couldn't believe the line at the C gate area, it wrapped around the whole twisty, turny thing and then some. I assumed that the line was due to the ending of two major conventions in town and it was just crowded. Well I guess I made an ass out of u and me, because it wasn't that. It was the fact that on the last day of two huge conventions in town TSA (homeland security as the sign said) only had 1 person checking IDs and 1 x-ray machine open. REALLY???? Come on. It took almost a hour to get through security, unbelievable. (The best part of this whole thing was there were 2 guys waiting in line at security and when they got to the front they were turned away, they had their boarding passes and everything, I couldn't believe it and then was the moment I wished my camera was out... they each had two HUGE suitcases they were trying to carry on. Not just over sized carry ons, two actual full sized suitcases each. I think I need to start wearing my camera around my neck, I cannot miss any more moments like that!)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fishing Necessities

After spending a really long time following Duane around a local sporting store I realized there were so many products out there that I had NEVER seen before. I was shocked at these products. They are amazing inventions that I cant believe actually make money. There is BUTT JUICE, some sort of smelly liquid you put on baits and the fish supposedly LOVE it. You also have your Portable Jon, and don't forget the Jon Adaptor, seriously you're out in the middle of a lake, no one is around and who can figure out that contraption anyway, guys pee of the side of the boat and girls either go in the live well or in the water, unless they dehydrate themselves so they don't have to pee all day (very silly, not safe or recommended, its just like how Ethiopians don't eat, but totally different because they would really like to eat, it's just not their choice). And my favorite product (I actually wanted this - more for comic relief during a tournament than anything else but still...) the tackle box with all the knots on it, sort of like a cheat sheet! Amazing inventions!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

He Won

Duane won... not the tournament. He won a reel cleaning kit and a gift card that he bought a swim bait with! Good Job!!

Lake Shasta Weigh Ins

I am SOO lucky that I ended up not fishing at Lake Shasta it POURED with rain on Day 1, so much so that Gracie didn't come to weigh ins (a first) and I didn't take any photos! This sign, NO SHIT, everything is slippery, it's super rainy - and a super LONG walk! Here is a photo of Duane weighing in his fish on Day 2. He ended up 40th out of 45th. I think that was his worst finish ever...hey but I'm still here cheering him on like a good girlfriend!


Look at this!!! I am in 12th place over all in the WON Bass tournament circuit...looks like I am well on my way to the TOC (for those that don't know the fishing lingo that's the Tournament Of Champions!)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Lake Shasta Pre- Fish

We spent 2 days pre-fishing with a broken motor, AGAIN. It was cold and we couldn't really go anywhere because of the broken motor so it pretty much sucked. The boat sucked, the weather was freezing and Duane was pissed the entire time, but on the bright side I finished 2 books, a few magazines and Gracie ate a ton of treats! Well the boat is now fixed...let's just call it repaired. Duane pre-fished the last day by himself and Gracie and I went on a fantastic hike. We went through the woods and around by the dam and it was great! There were also a bunch of trout released at the dam launch ramp so there were yahoos everywhere trying catch them. It was quite the spectacle, I wish I had popcorn to eat while I watched it. (Now if that isn't positive about a town I don't know what else I can do, short of buying a Shasta Lake sweatshirt and wearing in a blog post!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

There Are No Roads

How did the fame of this car get here? The terrain is steep and there are no roads? It wasn't a four-wheelin' car so how did it get here?


While we were pre-fishing the Delta for the WCB tournament we went into this shallow, little pond...this is what we caught!