Sunday, November 27, 2011

Toy Store

I was walking through a large chain toy store looking for presents for my niece and nephew. They already have the toy kitchen, the toy cup cake maker, the toy store...Then I saw this the toy cleaning station. I was actually a little surprised. Its the only toy in the the whole aisle with a Latino child is on it.

Really? Where Do You Work? A Restaurant? Really?

These MAY have been comments made by a current, past or future employee at one of the restaurants I may or may not work at...

Pointing at a green circle thing...
"Is this a lime or a lemon?"

"I remember the difference between lemon and lime because yellow and lemon are long words and lime and green are the shorter words."

"They want guacamole"
"We don't have guacamole - but you can take them avocado....."
"Ok - well it's the same thing, just not mushed."

"Sometimes you get good tips and sometimes you get bad tips"..."It doesn't matter if the food is wrong."

"Can you please go tel *** that the keg blew for table **"...
walks over to server....
"The beer, its only half they said you need another one or something for that order you sent for those people over there."

"Everyone needs to work in a restaurant, so they know what it's really like."


Is your car still a "green car" if it has a chopped down Christmas tree hanging out the back?

So Serious

On Thanksgiving my dad pulled out his official landscaping binder! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Who has one of those? My dad does!

Gracie Must Be Bored

My mom had a fake plant with moss in it and this is what Gracie did...obviously she would like to go on more walks.

What's the Difference?

What's the difference with divorce for men and women? Or is this place for men divorcing men?....Inquiring minds want to know!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Scene And Heard Around Danville...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Here is a round up of the funniest things I have scene and heard around Danville lately. Some people are just plain ridiculous.

1. Paying a $14.45 lunch bill with $14.50, "You can keep the nickel for yourself!"
2. At a funeral reception, "It was really nice too meet you - I'm glad we got the chance to connect!"
3. A mid 20's guy when his food was delivered, "I eat salad - you gotta keep everything high and tight - salad will do that!"
4. A man a woman holding hands and drinking beer...his wife walks up and punches his mistress in the head.

All I Need Now

All I need now is a nacho cheese sauce warmer!

Get The Stink Out

My apartment STINKS!!! I have tried odor fresheners, febreeze type sprays and candles...nothing works! I guess it's time to buy a nose plug. Where are all y syncro friends when I need them?

DVR - What?!?!?!

A few days ago I had no idea what a DVR was...night I recorded my first show. Now I just need to figure out how to watch it!

It May Be A Dump...

Duane's new house may be a dump BUT, it has an amazing view and a wood burning fireplace!

Just Gut It

Duane bought a house that he is going to turn into a rental. A hoarder lived in it before he got it! Good luck!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sneaky, Sneaky

The cops in Clayton park empty police cars all over the same spots everyday, they're not fooling anyone.

Best Lamp Ever

I got this lamp as a present! It is the most amazing lamp ever - so amazing I included 4 pictures of it. It has jewels hanging from it and a crazy floral lamp the words of Bentley, "I just love it!"

I have no idea why these photos are sideways, in almost 3 years of writing this blog I have never been unable to fix this...I'm posting them anyway, just turn your head...that's how much I like this lamp.

Happy Halloween

I had to work on Halloween, so I threw together a costumish look complete with makeup and wig. I went over to my parents house to see Bentley and Hudson before they went out trick or treating...Love the little cupcake and shark! While in costume I had a great conversation with the little sparkle lover Bentley.
"Auntie...I just love your shoes."
"Thank you."
"I just love you pants!"
"Thank you."
"I just love your jewels."
"Thank you."
"I just don't like your face."