Friday, October 30, 2009

Why None of My Friends Are 21

This was during my photo shoot for Hawaiian Tropic. Disaster. I wish I was a non-working out, eating whatever I want 21 year old again! (Only when it comes to photo shoots!)

Art 106 Lost Wax Casting

This week we started lost wax casting. It is a way to make all types of jewelry. First you have to practice with the wax by making dots and lines. Then when you have "mastered" that you draw out your design, we had to do our names first, and then you start putting the wax on. I have begun building my name. I will post pics after Monday on the next steps!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finished Project Art 106

So I finished my pedant. It is supposed to hang from a necklace, but let's face it its ugly. It's so ugly Gracie didn't even want it on her collar! So I put it on my key chain.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Part Time is NOT Six Days A Week

So, if you read down a few posts you would see that I got a job at the El Dorado working in their theater wardrobe department. Well it was great while it lasted. When I was hired they said I would only be working maybe 2 days a week and I said that would be perfect, that is all I want. (I also said I couldn't work Mondays - due to Jewelry 106) Well I started last Thursday and worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and was scheduled to work, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday and Monday. Part time? - I don't think so! I had asked for Saturday off for another job that I have. I was scheduled to work these days but not told what hours I would work. I asked what the schedule was because I needed to make a few appointments and take care of some things. Well when I was hired I also said I would need 2 weeks off at the end of October/ beginning of November to go to Alabama, "that shouldn't be a problem". Well apparently it was because even though I cut it down to 6 days that wasn't good enough. Tonight after the show I was called into the Stage Managers office and told I was being let go because my schedule didn't jive with what they needed. Seriously? I have worked more than I was originally told I would work in a month! They seriously thought that 6 days a week was part time. It's not like it was even great pay. I went above what they told me and worked what they needed and they went back on their agreement. It amazes me what people/ companies do to fill an immediate need.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Where Do You Buy These?

These are so stupid! I have never seen them in a store...where do people buy them?, online?, mail order? Who knows? I think they're so stupid that I'll probably buy one if I ever see one!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My New Job

I just got a new job at the El Dorado Hotel and Casino in Reno. I am working in the Theater Dept. in wardrobe. It is actually fun. There are two things I don't like. 1 - a cast member named L*$#@%. She is not nice, she is bossy and needy and demanding. She has these gloves she wears once in the entire show. And she yelled at me and told me it was my job to pull the fingers out so that when she went to put them on 24 hours later she wouldn't have to do it. Also, I accidentally zipped her skin last night (everyone thought it was funny) - I felt horrible! Well she got all pissy thinking I did it on purpose when the the real problem is she has gained 10 pounds since she was fitted for the costume and it is too tight! Stupid! 2 - There are two cast members that I work with that are extremely large. They give my anxiety attacks. They eat a lot and move slow and roll their eyes anytime I say anything. Yuck. Other than that I love my job. The rest of the cast and crew are great! We are working on 42nd Street right now, but that only has a few days left and then the Christmas/ Ice Skating show comes in! Yippee!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Power Plate

This is the best machine ever! I tried it about a year ago and loved it so much I went and bought one. Find a Power Plate near you and try it! You will be amazed!

Friday, October 16, 2009


I cannot cook, there are no if, ands or buts about it, I suck at it. As much as I try or read recipes it doesn't matter I still suck. I am always trying to invent things. The other day I tried spinach pasta, pesto sauce, tomatoes and cucumbers...what was I thinking? Also, never try a tuna quesadilla, I'm saving you the trouble, it's disgusting, as is tuna surprise -it's always a surprise what's in it - it's always different and rarely good. My last two disasters included artichokes and brussel sprouts. I want to take a cooking class, but they teach you how to be creative, I think I have enough creativity for an entire room of people. (If you don' believe me, check out my jewelry projects!)


Obviously, you can bedazzle anything!

My Trip Over The Hill

I went over to the Bay Area on Tuesday and this is what I drove through.

Art 106 3rd Project

My third, it's actually the fourth, but I didn't do the real third project, jewelry project is not complete yet. I started with a plain square of copper and used a copping saw to make somewhat a flower. Then I made a bezel (that's what my "gem" will go in and sawdered it onto the amazing flower I sawed out. That's where I am so far. Next week I will "mount" my "gem" and polish it....Stay Tuned For Photos!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Motor Homes

A journey through time. These are the three motor homes that we have have the privilege of calling "our second home". The MIDAS was the one that leaked so bad it had a swimming pool "upstairs". The SPRINTER was the one Dupree lived in and the ULTRA is the new one!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art 106 - Second Project

My second project for jewelry was a ring made out of copper, oohhh. I didn't say I was good at making jewelery, but it is fun. It started as a rectangular piece of copper. Using a copping saw I designed my ring. After firing it and shaping it and stamping it and polishing it, this is what I ended up with. Hopefully project 3, the pedant, will be better.

Grocery Outlet

I just worked on my second Grocery Outlet commercial. By this point you would have thought they knew how important I was. In fact they didn't...I had to bring my own trailer. We started at 7pm and finished at 7am. It was actually a lot of fun and I met some cool people and puppets. Duane spent the night sleeping in the parking lot waiting for me so we could go fishing when I was done!

Chicken Skin

Duane waxed his chest, by himself, and he ended up looking like a chicken. This lasted multiple days. I thought it was pretty funny!

Art 106 - First Project

I am taking a jewelery class at the community college in Reno. It's lots of fun. The first project we did was making our "stamp". This stamp is made out of a nail and we will use it out "signature" on all of our projects. It's hard to tell but mine is a fish. It was actually difficult to do you have to hat it and saw it and drill it. I am really learning a lot.

The New Couch

Due to EXTREME computer problems I have been unable to update lately. So let me catch you up. We got a new couch. A new couch that Gracie is not allowed on. So she can no longer get on the bed or the couch. She spends a lot of time in the beanbag (which by the way is super comfortable) and this is what she does...She just stares.