Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New House - Before

I moved down to Vegas and this is where i am living!!! Duane did and AMAZING job fixing it up. I'll post those photos soon! (Just waiting to get a few more things!)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Can I Borrow $2,500?

Duane came with me to Vegas to help me get settled and comfortable. On day #3 he asked if he could borrow $2,500. His bank is a credit union and he doesn't have access from anywhere other than Reno after 2pm. Of course I said yes...He wanted to go buy a new boat, this must just be a deposit I thought! NOPE, it was the total cost of this beauty. Anyone want to go fishing? (Also he drove to Lake Roosevelt, AZ - 6 hours each way - to get it!)

When in Reno...

This is what Duane does on his days off when I am working in Vegas...Drives the truckster to get coffee and catches big fish!

Wrinkle Free Sheets

I am soooooo glad I invested in this wrinkle free duvet cover from Bed Bath and Beyond. It saves me so much time and really makes the room feel clean and put together.


I never thought I would be moving again. Oh well...With all the corrupt stuff and unethical people in Reno as soon as I got a job offer in Vegas we packed me up to go! It will be a little tough with Duane and I commuting back and forth but well worth staying on top of the rubble pile!

We loaded everything up and off we went. I filled the dresser drawers with stuff and taped them shut to save space...on of my dresser drawer broke free from the tape and full off down the highway, we noticed when we stopped for gas. The drawer was full of coat hanger. Oopsi!

Bullards Bar

Duane and I met Dupree up at Bullards Var the other day to do some warm, I mean HOT weather fishing. It was so nice out, I just layed out and read my kindle and let the attempted fishing to D & D. At one point I heard whispering up on the front deck and then felt a slimy gross thing on my leg!! It was a salamander. I had never seen one before, Bullards was full of them. This one was really long and Gracie LOVED it!!! When we dropped it back into the water it swam spirals to get back down. Really cool!