Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Photo

My parents came up for Thanksgiving and we had a lot of fun. One thing that they really wanted to do before they left was a take a photo of Duane and I for my Grandma in England...Well here are a few of the ones they took...please notice my socks and Gracie! Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

TSA = Totally Stupid A$$holes

This is what it looked like while I spent the night in the Las Vegas Airport. The story is long and boring, so basically TSA sucks.
1. they ended up closing down lanes
2. someone sent me one way and it was the wrong way
3. I was trapped in a secure only area
4. they said I broke in
5. finally got out
6. my name was being called over intercom to get to my flight NOW
7. said they wouldn't call airline, just told me to walk fast
8. missed my flight
9. southwest said no more flights
10. went to file complaint with TSA'
11. head totally stupid a$$hole told me I was lying and stupid
12. took totally stupid a$$holeto were I was stuck and he said oh they put locked doors there
13. tsa said not out fault we have a bunch of new people working and they don't know protocol yet

***so I slept in the airport, there was nothing opened and no one around, tsa hired a bunch of new people, didn't teach them correct protocol, all during the busiest travel week of the year - and were trusting them to stop terrorists? REALLY????

Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ramada

We went to Lake Shasta to get a little fishing in before the snow started. We didn't bring the motor home though because we only went up for 1 night so we stayed in a Ramada. We used to stay in motels before we had a motor home so we are used to the routine and is Gracie. When we got there we realized it was the lobby type of hotel and all the side doors were alarmed.... so we snuck Gracie in and out of the window to get her in and then to let her go potty before we went to bed. As Duane removing the screen to let her out this morning we saw someone else walk their dog out the front door on a leash...apparently dogs are allowed here...I think Gracie likes being sneaky...and jumping through the window!


Kandee Johnson is a fabulous makeup artist. She has a blog and you tube channel where she shows how to apply makeup and reviews products. She did a review on Eyedews a while ago and we were thrilled so we decided to donate to her Glaminar gift bags. Glaminars are events that Kandee hosts where she teaches makeup application, how to get started in the business and how to get and keep clients! But it is so much more then that. It is an inspirational day. She teaches you not only about makeup but about how to be a better person, a person that others want to be around! It was an amazing day and I am so fortunate that I was able to attend.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gracie's New Step

Gracie needed steps to get in her dog door. We were using her old crate as a step, but the water and snow pools on top of it and she's such a brat she doesn't like getting her feet wet so Duane decided to build a step for her before the snow came. We went to homw depot to get the wood. We have a explorer, a jeep, a motor home and a lexus. What do you think we took to home depot? STUPID!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

What I Do While Duane Fishes Tournaments

I ALWAYS rent a Ford Focus from the rental car place (see posts throughout the year), usually an ugly one so I can't get in trouble for damages. I also always take my paddle board to lakes when we go to tournaments. Unfortunately Ford Focuses and paddle boards do not mix!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Like A Glove

Well like O.J. Simpson's glove anyway. Duane backed the boat and motor home into its normal parking spot on the side of the house and whoopsie! He hit the jacuzzi! In 4 years of watching in back in boats, motor homes, firetrucks...I have never seen him hit anything. I guess there's a first time for everything

TOC - Day 1 and Day 2

The Tournament of Champions for WON Bass was this past weekend at Lake Mead. Duane got 7th place - Good Job Duane. I have posted pictures of him "on stage" at weigh ins both days. Look at his partner's hat from day one. That is a true fisherman's hat!

Can She See

I was driving and I saw this lady with a blanket over her does she see where she's going? Maybe it has eyeholes cut out?

That Guy

Our friend Andy knows I have a blog, he knows I make fun of people on here. So, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make fun of him for being "that guy". He wore his life jacket up to weigh ins! HAHAHAHA - At least he took it of before he got to the front!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween!!!! I Won a Prize!!!

We went to a Halloween party at Brittany and Michael's house! It was so much fun! We were Al and Peg Bundy! HAHAHA! And we won for Funniest Costume! We won a ribbon and a trophy (when I say we I mean I - Duane won a pair of Handerpants - gloves that look like underwear)! HAHAHA!! We had soooooo much fun! We're already planning our costumes for next year!

Apple Tree

A few years ago Duane "planted" an apple tree at the bottom of Lake Mead. Fisherman do this to give the fish a place to live. Stupid I know, but this is what I live with. Well the water is down about 30 feet since his escapade (there are pictures of him with the tree strapped to the top of our old motor home - scroll through the last year or so to see them!) I took pictures of the tree from of above water, kinda hard to see, but funny!

Gracie is the Queen of The Mountain

Gracie has this weird habit of having to poop on the highest rock around. She's crazy!


The motor home needs propane to keep the fridge going, hot water, the heater...We don't go through that much of it but when we got to Tonapah we realized we needed it, so after we got gas we pulled into the Propane bone yard. This place had over a 100 empty propane tanks. All the pipes and levers had a certain order in which they needed to be pulled or turned and this machine, "don't worry, it's certified, guy comes out every year to make sure it is spot on accurate..." is one of the oldest propane calculating machines there is. What normally takes a gas station attendant 3 minutes took the owner 15 to do! Amazing they get anything done here!