Sunday, August 28, 2011

Which way to...

...the nearest trailer park. That is obviously our next step. We took the truckster and went camping the other night. Yep, we slept in the back of the station wagon. We had to improvise and cook our dinner and morning coffee over the fire...but we had fun!


WARNING!!! STOP GETTING MANICURES!!! Twisted finger disease is on the rise. If you notice you fingers have begun to turn, seek medical attention IMMEDIATELY!!! If you ignore this your finger may end up like this!

Art Show

Duane and I went up to see are friend's art show in Tahoe this weekend. Michael Godard is an AMAZING artist... that being said his fans are also amazing. While at his shows I have seen bedazzled clothing (all olives and martini glass - of course), magnets, tattoos and now this...
This lady dressed up as.....COWBOY OLIVE, if you don't "see it" look at her shoes, it all comes together.


I screamed when I walked past this store and saw this mannequins face!

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

FINALLY!!! Every time I get pulled over I get a ticket, I have gotten them for going 2 miles over the limit, and for going 2 miles under the limit...I can't win. Duane gets pulled over ALL THE TIME for speeding and NEVER gets a ticket, until today!!!! He got pulled over for going 17(?) over. And the trailer had no registration of license plate. The cop was gone for awhile and guess what...DUANE GOT A TICKET. But not for speeding - it was like a fix it ticket to get registration. REALLY????

Antelope Lake

We drove up to Antelope Lake for a few hours of evening fishing and saw this. How do they build a floating nest? Ahhh, the wonders of nature! HAHAHA!

Cars Full

Why is this little rat dog in the bed of this truck...I don't believe there wasn't enough room inside.

Loaded Up...

If you ever need help loading a trailer or car to move...I'm your gal!!

All Is Right In The World

I am back in Reno!! We went camping and had a wonderful time. We squeezed through the trees to get to the "secret" spot, used gas from the dirt bikes to start the camp fire and relaxed for a few days. Fishing, dirt bike riding and paddle boarding...all in 24 hours!! So fun!

5 Little Chipmunks...

5 little chipmunks playing by the pool, 1 fell in and bumped his head
4 little chipmunks playing by the pool, 1 fell in and bumped his head

I was told I should have placed a brick in the "pool" so the little critters could go in swim and them climb out...well, if I did that this blog wouldn't be nearly as funny!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

She Had No Idea

We were at Caesars Palace waiting to see Absinthe and this is what we saw in the courtyard! She had no idea she was sitting under a guys wiener getting "peed on". HAHAHAHA - we ended up telling her what we were laughing at and taking pictures of and the found it just a humorous as we did! We all had the same sense of humor and ended up sitting next to their whole family during the show we were

Moon Roof

Gracie new favorite way to sniff out cows!!

Goldfish and Worms Only Please

We (Duane) thought it would be cool to give the bass a mouse. I agreed until we went to the pet store and actually saw the little thing. We went ahead with it anyway and dumped the mouse in the should have heard it scream - poor little thing. After a few attempts the bass got the bass got it in his mouth, with just the tail hanging out. We went to dinner and when we came back the mouse was floating in the tank. Lesson learned.

Goldfish and Worms Only

Proper Burial

Apparently chipmunks can't swim. They can get into the pool, but they ca' get out. I obviously didn't want to touch it so I grabbed a long pole and flung the little rodent out. I didn't know if I was supposed to bury it or throw it in the garbage so it just left it. It was all hard and stiff, but I think it looked at peace.

Muddy Feet

Gracie LOVES going to the lake. She jumps into the boat and is ready to go! Unfortunately she can't tell the difference between the bass boat and the master craft, much to Duane's disappointment. Oopsie.

Double Take

Boy did we get some looks on the way to the lake! People were shocked when they pulled up next the beautiful master craft and saw the Truckster. Some people got it and laughed but then there were those that didn't even smile. It's so funny when we're pulling the boat out I have to push the throttle down on the boat to help push the Truckster up the launch ramp! HAHAHAHA!!

Hide This

Hide This QUICK!!!
Hopefully Duane did not see this, this will be the next tow vehicle he wants!