Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I haven't been blogging...Life has been busy and crappy. But I have learned a lot and you will be seeing a bunch of new things on this blog. There will still be funny things that I post and fishing stories, but also some of the new things I've been learning and doing. I hope you keep reading and commenting!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Reason

This is the reason I don't have abs of steal. Every time I try to work out Buddy wants to snuggle. Well, and I really like candy, french fries, sandwiches, popsicles, wine...

Moving Day!

I moved to a new house, only about a mile away. I loaded my car and made sure to load the car fully and leave room in the front seat for Buddy. Apparently the front seat was not good enough for him... he sat on top of everything in the back.

Fairyland This is Not

New Neighbor

When I moved into the new house the neighbor came over and was pretty much a HUGE A-HOLE. He was super rude and just being a jerk about everything, telling me not to cross over to his side and to stay on my side on the "line". Well he and his wife go out of town and guess what?!?!? His "house sitter" blocked me out of my driveway for 3 (THREE) days. So funny!! I couldn't care less, just thought it was funny. **He is actually super nice now and goes out of his was to say hi to Buddy and be a great neighbor! (Even pumped up my car tire yesterday!)

Boardwalk Grill

The BEST, well the only, but it's still amazing restaurant in Discovery Bay is the Boardwalk Grill. It is so great! Never had a bad meal there! We used to take Gracie and now we take Buddy there, many people bring their dogs. We usually just have him sit next to us and don't worry much...this day I made sure his leach was on and connected to me as our server told us she had been bitten by a dog the week before. It just freaked out and bit her. So scary!

More Than Kinda'

Try it! You'll LOVE it!!

Yep, it's broken. Jet ski, huge yacht wake and me...what could go wrong? Everything!

Last Fishing Trip For Awhile

Duane had to have shoulder/ bicep surgery so of course we had one last impossible fishing trip to go on! HAHAHAHA!! We launched and then waited for the side to be just so and in we went! We had so much fun in this hidden lake. We caught a bunch of fish and didn't see another boat all day!!

Joining The Fleet

Duane bought this amazing piece of machinery for my birthday!!! Happy 35 years! Of course I needed to jazz it up a bit!

I've Been Busy

The next twenty or so blogs are going to jump from between April and now in an attempt to capture everything that has happened in my blog absence. Hope you enjoy everything that has been happening!

Birthday Cruise

A few months late...this is how I enjoyed my birthday cake...cruising down the delta at sunset!

Buddy's Favorite Spot

Buddy's new favorite spot is in the corner of my closet under my work clothes. I have no idea why he likes it there, it's hot and dark!

The Best Mechanics Have Extra Parts

My new Pilates reformer was delivered last week. It was waaaaaay harder to put together that I thought it would be! I also have a bunch of extra parts...I'm going to make a sign for it that says, use at your own risk!

I LOVE Summer!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Reason #376

Yet another reason Buddy cannot be left out of his crate when he's home alone. Buddy opened a zipped cosmetic bag, puled out a razor and ate it. (He was not hurt and I found the rest of the razor in the other room!)

Avocado Season

Apparently Buddy likes avocados. He jumped on he kitchen table ripped open the netted bag they came in. Pulled out and avocado and went and hid to enjoy his new favorite treat. he was a little to quiet so I went to look for him and this is what I found. He LOVED it!!

Problem Solved

I was wondering why I was waking up with a sore neck in the morning!

Oasis Island

The relaxation station from last year didn't last! Thank God Costco has the new and improved Oasis Island for this year. Not sure if it's really improved, but its $10 more and is a bit bigger and has 2 extra drink holders - so based on those facts I'm calling it improved. Can't wait to blow this baby up and float away!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014




That is my huge love sac bean bag. Yes it is ripped open. Yes that is the foam from inside EVERYWHERE. Yes the dog did it. Yes it was partially my fault. I should have trimmed his nails and I should have sewn the hole when it was small and not waited until this happened! My bad!

The Beaver

!. The beaver in the neighbors yard. 2. Up close of the beaver. 3. Duane feeding the beaver. 4. The beaver walking away to die. We did not kill the beaver. Neighbors said she had had been wrecking havoc in the hood for at least 30 years, had had numerous litters (?) of babies and was just old. Poor thing...animal control came and took her away.

The Truth

**New Bling**

I decided after two years in the sun the pink pontoon needed new colorful bling. I spent the afternoon ripping off the old bedazzles and reapplying...I did add more this time but I stopped short of what I want to do...wouldn't want it to be gaudy! ;-)

Milo's Kitchen Website

Gracie and I were very fortunate to be chosen to be part of the new Milo's Kitchen ad campaign. Here are a few images from their website. Check their site frequently as we took photos for year's worth of advertising! The Milo's team was seriously the best team I have ever worked for. They were kind and generous and great towards Gracie and I. When they heard about her passing they sent me 3 beautifully framed photos from the shoot!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Short Hair. Don't Care.

Chopped my hair...Getting used to it! We'll see how long it lasts!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Palm Beach

My sister and I were in a hotel room together I got changed and hopped into my bed. My sister looks over and starts hysterically laughing "Palm beach 1980 called...They want their pajamas back".

I Always Wondered

I always made fun of those people riding their bikes with their pants tucked into their socks or those who have the rubber band thing around their pants while riding their bikes. Because seriously how stupid do you have to be to get you pants caught in your bike chain?? Well let me tell you - it happened to me! Twice. On one bike ride. The second time so bad I fell off my bike and ripped my pants...Now I get it!

Just An Added 0

My company was hired to supply promotional models for a new liquor release all over Northern California. I started booking the girls and having the kits (the swag and information packets) to the girls direct from corporate. Well the liquor rep decided I should have 4 kits on hand so I could distribute in last minute situation. Well him being new to the part of his job accidentally shipped 40...this happened two time during the three month promo. Thank god my normal UPS guy was off the day I came home to this...he would have been pissed!!

Green Moster

Best face mask EVER!!! Mix 1/4 teaspoon of each - it will bubbly - don't freak out, put it all over your face, wait 15 minutes wash off!!! Tight clear skin! AMAZING!!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Little Boat Drivers Ever

Well... the one in the leopard, hello kitty hat is! Love them! Had so much fun teaching them to drive the boat! Can't wait until they can ski and wake board!!

New Boat

I got a boat!! A mastercraft - yes it's old, but it's amazing and it's mine and I'm happy and it runs perfect!!!

OH $H!T!

The surgery didn't work :-( Now What?....


The vet said the surgery was actually worse than they thought. They had to pull teeth and shave down teeth but the outcome look promising.