Monday, August 30, 2010

Duane and His Hobby

Many people don't know this but Duane has his own sewing machine! He has made a cover for the boat, reupholstered boat seats, interior for the airplane, and also fixed my shirts, pants and swim suits! What a great guy, a jack of all trades I guess you could say!

Bail Out Bucks

One of the other judges also has a Woodstock revival band and they do a Bail Out Tour. He gave this to me for advertising!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I Almost Forgot

The best part of the Nevada Wild West I am walking through the carnival area where all the rides are I heard one carnie say to another carnie, both of them were operating the do you like this better than being in the joint? REALLY?

Wild West Fair Part 2

So the reason I was at the fair was to judge the Colgate Country Showdown. It's basically a talent show for country singers and bands. My friend Lizzie's friend Angel runs the whole thing and needed judges so there I was. (I did it for the funnel cake and corn dog, but the food was closed by the time we were don so I got all the cool prizes you see here!) I had a lot of time to kill so I took a picture with my fellow judges - who by the way were VERY qualified, and a few pictures of Lizzie with the fair "performers". It was a fun night and can't wait to judge something again. Next time I hope I get a gong and an X to vote with...or at least my corn dog!

Wild West Fair Part 1

Okay so Nevada, being a ground breaking really cool state decided to rename THE STATE FAIR to The Wild West Fair. I don't know why but whatever. So instead of the focus being on the carnies, rides, corn dogs, 4-H - you know normal fair stuff it is now on Indians (feather not dot), gun fights (old west ones not gang ones) and caged bears. I posted a few photos you you can see what this type of fair looks like!

Eyedews At Midsummers Party

Eyedews was one of the sponsors of A Midsummer's Night Playboy Party at the Palms in Las Vegas!! It was a ton of fun and we met some really INTERESTING people! Everyone loved the Eyedews and we snapped a lot of pictures! It was a blast! If you want some Eyedews call me! (925) 348 - 0097

Friday, August 13, 2010

Where Did I Get This?

Can anyone enlighten me to where I got this shirt? I know I did not buy it! It's for sale, never worn! Any takers?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coffee Time

This was out view this morning while we drank out coffee! Beautiful!

Clear Lake

We went to Clear Lake this week to help out one of Duane's friends. It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny. Everyone had lots of fun, but no one could breathe through their nose because of this! There was sooooo much algae it was disgusting. You couldn't even swim in the lake because it wasn't safe! Yuck!

Not as Cool as it Looks

So you maybe thinking, oh cool, Victoria gets to watch tv on the boat while Duane fishes. NO, that is NOT what I am doing. I'm looking at a camera screen at the fish at the bottom of the lake. And most of what I was was algae.

Tampon What?

It might be hard to see these because of the glare, but they're tampon holders...Really? What happened to pockets, purses and fanny packs? These are bulky too, where do you put it? In your purse? Stupid idea if you want my opinion.