Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where Can I Buy These?

Prepping For A New Adventure

Stay tuned...more to come!

Tire Sale

This guy must have bought his tires on sale...they're all different sizes!

$3,000 OBO

I saw this limo and wanted it!! Then I looked inside at the jumper cables, spare battery and extra wires...then i saw the holes and dents on the other side and decided to pass. It should have been $3 OBO.

Clearlake Bar and Grill (not it's real name)

We walked into this bar for dinner and drinks. It was empty so we were a little confused about the $5 cover charge...we didn't pay it. I was wondering how they made their monay and then the bathroom door opened.

Konocti Vista

It is usually very difficult to park the motor home at a casino...they always want to you pay for the rv park or a hotel room. Not at the Indian Casino...they didn't talk to us about moving or stealing power once in 4 days...but open a beer that you didn't buy from them and they're all over you!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Concert At The Peppermill

My friend Kendra was in town with a few of her girlfriends to go the Gary Allen concert at the Peppermill Casino. They had an extra ticket and invited me. It was SOOOOOO much fun!! It was a little was in their ballroom and their were just regular old chairs everywhere for seating, and bleachers in the back. It was like a conference. It was the oddest concert set up I have ever seen, but I had a ton of fun! Thanks for the invite girls!


These people should not have procreated...they're huge...are they both still pregnant?

Rib Cook Off With My Parents

My parents cam to visit during there rib cook off. Why were they taking pictures off each other in front of the beer truck?


Duane and Dupree getting into their wetsuits. Gracie hated this entire experience. Anytime one of them was in the water she barked nonstop!

What Doesn't Belong

I went to the local scuba shop to rent equipment for Duane and Dupree to go diving and "look" at the bass. (Really Travis had underwater filming to do so that was the reason.) This is in a SCUBA shop...why are they selling 1 bag of golf clubs?