Saturday, May 29, 2010

Possible Campaign Slogans

Duane is running for Mayor. Mayor of what you may say...RENO! He's going straight to the top, no school board or union rep, no ward council person or president of any sort of club...he's going straight for mayor. Well one of our friend (MG) came up with some possible campaign slogans...let me know what you think. I LOVE them all! Thanks Mike!

* Duane He Kicks Bass
* Vote For Duane or Swim With the Fishes
* Duane: Not Just Another Master Baiter
* Duane: It's Not Just His Fishing That's Fly
* Vote For Duane and Your Fishes Will Come True
* Cast Your Vote For Duane He's a Reel Man

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tournament Fishing

I love fishing! I love going out there and catching fishing and then eating them! I enjoy the sun and being on the water. I love the competition of it all, hey and I'm good at it. Unfortunately I have made the decision not to fish anymore tournaments. (This year for sure and then we'll see.) There are some circuits and fisher-people that are just too shady and unethical, making it impossible for fair, equal and ethical competition. With the few things that I am privy to I can only imagine what else is going on. Duane is still competing so I will still be posting about tournaments and all the going-ons surrounding them and giving you all (most of you) a laugh about what happens on the road. The weather is warming up here in Reno so hopefully we'll be able to go up to Stampeed this week and catch some small mouth for dinner!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New Blog I started a new blog. It's called Oh! The places I have been. The address is It is about all my experiences, and the stories about everything I have done, so far. They are all l-o-n-g posts, more like stories. So if you're bored check it out and let me know what you think! Have a great day!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can You Believe It?

Jenny McCarthy LOVES EYEDEWS!!!! Try them, they are amazing!!


I kinda thought this was a passing phase...I guess I was wrong. I will soon be the first mistress of Reno!


I was working a VERY high end event in Laguna Beach last week and look at what happened. I was walking some important guests down the "club" stairs to their waiting transportation (after a private concert by Gavin Rossdale, Gwen's husband) and I slipped and fell, in front of all of them, the security people and the drivers. Good Job!!! (The best part was when I got home and Duane told me I was wrinkly (see attached post from facebook) and I told everyone he did that to me hahahah!!!)

***FACEBOOK POST (I couldn't get all the comments to show up!!!) the funniest thing that happened on my birthday....Duane was off work and we decided to go out to breakfast, i pulled leggings and a shirt out of my bag from vegas and put it on....i looked down at my shirt and said "why am i so wrinkly?" before i even finished the sentence duane shouted from the other room "because your 31!!!"

Monday, May 17, 2010

My Birthday Present

If I could live on gummy bears, popcorn and that plastic nacho cheese sauce I would! This was the best birthday present ever! All I need now is a nacho cheese warmer to put right next to it!

High Light of my Weekend

I went to Laguna to work an event this past weekend. I slept a total of 8 hours in 3 days! It was a fantastic event that couldn't have gone better. This was one of my favorite parts of the weekend! The BATH!!!!

Rental Car #2

I hope you all can tell that this is sea foam green! It had scratches, dings, dents, and missing paint all over it! The inside was just a new with holes in the carpet and stains on the seats!!! At least they can't charge me for doing any damage!

It's May!

Reno in May sucks...BOOO on snow!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today I went shopping and look at all the stuff I got!!
1 Pumas
1 Steve Madden Sandles
1 BCBG Sandles
1 Super, High Platform High Heel
1 BCBG Shorts
1 Seater
2 Skirts
Total = $49.70 I am a bargain shopper!!! I had coupons!

Lake Mead Tournament - Day 3

I didn't take any pictures at weigh ins today - I was way too busy checking anglers in to take a break today! Come on it's two hours, you would think I would at least get a 15. HAHAHA, Just Kidding (for all you grumps out there). Duane ended up in 15th place cashing a check for over $5,000 - good for him! (Due to him making + $5,000 and me making $75 he took me to dinner at Rubios, wasn't that nice!) After dinner we went to my house to fix a tree, that blew over in the wind, there was NO fixing the tree, Duane cut it down, with a kitchen knife. Then we headed over to Bass Pro Shops to meet with the Chico State team! They are ready to go. GOOD LUCK CHICO STATE!!!!

My New Lead Song

Pray For You!!! This song is soooo funny!

Lake Mead Tournament - Day 2

Today was Mike's Birthday! I went to town and got him some balloons and stuff (chips and salsa - his fav!) and Andy's mom made his a delicious cake! YUM! Duane had a little bit of a rougher day fishing today, he slipped from 10th place to 18th place, BOOO! After the weigh ins we all went down to Mike and Chris's houseboat and has cake. Gracie was in heaven, she got cake and a nice belly rub from Mike!

They Made Two?

I was driving through the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas looking for a parking spot when I saw this! Another GOLD Ford Focus! I can't believe they actually made two of these. Another funny thing, when I was driving back to Lake Mead I saw a GOLD Ford Mustang Convertible, you know that was a rental too!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lake Mead Tournament - Day 1

So yesterday at partner pairings the cool FLW lady (Barbara actually - VERY nice) asked me if I could help out at the tournament this week and check the anglers in at weigh ins. Of course I said yes and then went on about my business. - - - Fast forward a few hours - - - RING RING (that's Barbara calling Duane's phone for me) Poor Barbara, (I honestly felt bad for her) she was given the responsibility of calling me and telling me about the "dress code", it seems that certain FLW employees were concerned about my clothing choices. She told me I needed to wear pants (NO shorts - I even asked twice just to make sure) and a shirt the covered everything completely! REALLY???? It's in the 90's here. Oh well, I was hot for a few hours, but it was fine! Two more days! The funny part of it is a couple of the older FLW gentlemen reminded me that they were paying me $25 a day for "help". HAHAHA

**OH YA - Duane is in 10th place!! WOOHOO!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rental Car

They first offered me the standard "red mustang convertible" the classic cool rental car, when I said NO they offered me a SUV, when I said NO they offered by a full size car, when I said NO they pointed me to the way back row, across traffic lanes compact car line. So I obviously made a very wise decision and picked the GOLD Ford Focus!