Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lake Mead Tournament - Day 3

I didn't take any pictures at weigh ins today - I was way too busy checking anglers in to take a break today! Come on it's two hours, you would think I would at least get a 15. HAHAHA, Just Kidding (for all you grumps out there). Duane ended up in 15th place cashing a check for over $5,000 - good for him! (Due to him making + $5,000 and me making $75 he took me to dinner at Rubios, wasn't that nice!) After dinner we went to my house to fix a tree, that blew over in the wind, there was NO fixing the tree, Duane cut it down, with a kitchen knife. Then we headed over to Bass Pro Shops to meet with the Chico State team! They are ready to go. GOOD LUCK CHICO STATE!!!!

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