Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lake Mead Tournament - Day 1

So yesterday at partner pairings the cool FLW lady (Barbara actually - VERY nice) asked me if I could help out at the tournament this week and check the anglers in at weigh ins. Of course I said yes and then went on about my business. - - - Fast forward a few hours - - - RING RING (that's Barbara calling Duane's phone for me) Poor Barbara, (I honestly felt bad for her) she was given the responsibility of calling me and telling me about the "dress code", it seems that certain FLW employees were concerned about my clothing choices. She told me I needed to wear pants (NO shorts - I even asked twice just to make sure) and a shirt the covered everything completely! REALLY???? It's in the 90's here. Oh well, I was hot for a few hours, but it was fine! Two more days! The funny part of it is a couple of the older FLW gentlemen reminded me that they were paying me $25 a day for "help". HAHAHA

**OH YA - Duane is in 10th place!! WOOHOO!!!

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