Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lake Havasu Tournamnet - Day 1

Oh my goodness, it was windy. It was blowing around 30 miles a hour with gusts in the 50 mile a hour range today. (Back in day Sirens would have been canceled with that sort of wind, nevermind just hold the pyro!) I drew a great partner Wes Carey. He was great, he did his best to keep us out of the wind but it was impossible. We ended up only weighing 3 fish in (I caught 2 of them!!!!) I weighed in 2 but I had 4 on, on slipped off right at the boat - net issues, and the other one slipped off in the water - tangled lines and poles issues! It was great day and I had a ton of fun...There was 1 casualty - one of the eyes on my rod broke off! Good thing Duane was there to take care of it!

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