Monday, March 1, 2010

Clear Lake Tournament Day 2

What a day!!! Duane started the day in 41st place - bad, but he still went out and tried his hardest and caught 27 pounds of bass!! WOW!! That great bag catapulted him into 3rd place! Amazing! Good Job Duane. During the day Gracie got tired of waiting for the fish to be weighed in so she took a nap, Spencer fished out of his boat - catching 2 fish (he caught both his fish when Rick James was playing on his boom box - just a tip for all you fisherman out there), Dupree had a little bit of a rougher day on the water and slipped from 13th to ??? But possibly the best part of the day was the awards ceremony. Duane got his plaque and check but I got a medal - West Coast Bass's Hottest Angler!! Yippee! I love medals. (I even like ribbons, plaque and trophies!)

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