Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lake Havasu Tournament - Day 2

You know your off to a bad start when....
Your pro (the boater your fishing with) tells you to be at the gas station at 6 am on the dot, 5 times. So you pull in at 5:58 am and no one is there so you go inside the gas station where the clock clearly reads 5:59 am and ask "Exuse me, was there a guy in here that ordered an egg salad sandwich" (he told me this particular gas station makes the BEST egg salad sandwiches ever) and the clerk replies "Ya he already left". What? It's not 6 am yet. So I get back in the car and drive to the launch ramp - the original place Duane told me to meet him, but NNNOOOO egg salad eater, had to meet at the gas station. So I get to the launch ramp and I do not see he white truck and boat waiting any where near the entrance. So Duane gets out and starts looking for him because I am heated - at this point I am ready to call it a day. Duane can't find him so I get all my stuff and start walking to the launch ramp. I get to the check in area and ask the guys if they have seen Egg Salad eater, they need to know his last name...A**hole I say, that's all I can think off, and it did make a lot of people laugh! Anyways he's down by the launching area waiting for me. We exchange a few words and he says that his friends (no idea who) told him I left the gas station, whatever. So we launch the boat and all he starts talking about is how fast his boat is, are you scared he keeps asking me, NO I'm not...This goes on through out the day. Really? I have been in boast going over 90 I'm not "scared of the speed" as he called it. So the fishing day starts...We go and through spinner baits for about 20 minutes and then he wants to bed fish...He asked me not to fish, just to watch the fish, WTF? So thinking it will only be a few minutes I put my rod down and "watch" the fish. This was 6:45 am. So after running around the lake all day he decided we were going up the river at 1:45 pm. Once we got there I got to fish again. So I fished a drop shot for about a hour and then the day was over. He only caught 3 fish all day...I could have helped, but NNNOOOO! So I get the truck and bring it down and he starts talking about how hot I look driving his truck. Really? So I run and grab a bag to put our fish in, fill it with water and then I carry the bag all the way to weigh-ins, along the way hearing how big my guns are and how hot I am, but hotter when I drive his truck. Seriously, I weigh the fish in and then I have to carry them all the way to the release boat, this guy is a real gem. I then made the executive decision not to give him any gas money, I didn't get to fish why should I? It was funny though when I had packed all my stuff into our car another fisherman came up and asked if all Egg Salad talked about was how fast his boat was. HAHAHA


  1. V you crack me up! I love this recount of what seems to be a real douche. ;)

  2. I love reading your posts!!! What a great blog to have found...I am glad I stopped by and will stop by again soon!!!

    LIZZY aka The Fisherbabe