Monday, August 27, 2012

Broken Down

The PINK PONTOON went out on Saturday and boy was it a disaster. The wind was blowing, it was freezing cold and people were a - holes. I was heading home from a LONG chilly day at Ski Beach battling the the 20 mph winds with a motor issue and guess what? I was stuck. The wind pushed my into the rocks, The PINK PONTOON was getting smashed against the levy. FINALLY I got it out into the canal and dropped anchor. The Sheriff came by and told me to call vessel assist. Well VA told me it would be about $750 to come help, so I basically decided to wait from a nice boater to stop and help or sleep there. I was super happy when two boats came by and said they would give me gas....if I took all my clothes off! WHAT!?!?!? That didn't happen. About 30 minutes later another couple came by and towed me all the way home! They were soooooo nice!!!

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