Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lesson Learned

My boat is up and running so of course I want to give everyone a ride. Apparently there are rules for "boating"...the sheriff saw us, I pulled off the throttle immediately and almost sank us. It was not good...I could go through the whole conversation but I'll cut to the chase...we were 5 pfds short, no throwable, no exstingisher, no insureance, no registration, a cooler full of beer, someone sitting on the railing, a bunch of drunk people and barking dog! The sheriff followed us home and watched me "park" he said " I knew you were either firemen or cops" the ones who get lectured but shouldn't need too! Thank god was there - all was got was a fix it ticket for $25 (it should have been a minimum ticket of $3,000) Thank you Duane for being a Fire Captain and a talker!

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