Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Island Inn Hotel

I LOVE this place...I can't wait to be a 70 year old snowbird. This hotel is amazing!!! Not only do they let you have dogs inside, without sneaking them in, BUT they have about 30 people who like here for 3 months out of the year (snowbirds) and they are all at least 65 years old. They some from all over the country to Lake Havasu's Island Inn every year! They all have coffee together in the morning, the women put puzzles together, the men play cards. They have tv time at night. The best part of their day is between 1pm and 4pm...POOL TIME!!!! They pull on their bright orange swim trunks, tuck there hair under a large hat or swim cap and head outside. They sneak in their coolers of beer and all the fun starts. They strip off their cover ups, hop on their noodles and in the pool they go. They spray on their dark tanning oil, play a little corn hole and then off to dinner they go! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

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