Sunday, November 27, 2011

Really? Where Do You Work? A Restaurant? Really?

These MAY have been comments made by a current, past or future employee at one of the restaurants I may or may not work at...

Pointing at a green circle thing...
"Is this a lime or a lemon?"

"I remember the difference between lemon and lime because yellow and lemon are long words and lime and green are the shorter words."

"They want guacamole"
"We don't have guacamole - but you can take them avocado....."
"Ok - well it's the same thing, just not mushed."

"Sometimes you get good tips and sometimes you get bad tips"..."It doesn't matter if the food is wrong."

"Can you please go tel *** that the keg blew for table **"...
walks over to server....
"The beer, its only half they said you need another one or something for that order you sent for those people over there."

"Everyone needs to work in a restaurant, so they know what it's really like."

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