Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Bartender

Dear Bartender,

Please don't questions how much money I made. Don't accuse me of taking a club membership and not turning it in.

Please don't ask me more if I made cash on top of my credit card tips - it's none of your business.

Please do your job and just look at the c.c. tips I received and do simple math. It is a lot easier and nicer than accusing me of something or just seeming like a total inconsiderate, rude, dumb ass.

Please realize I know what I'm doing, and I like what I'm doing. Guests actually like to have more than 1 interaction with their server during their meal. I delivered my own drinks (alcohol included) most of my own food and checked up on my guests. I believe in customer service.

Please remember if you treat me like crap - you will receive the minimum tip I'm allowed to give.

Warmest Regards,

P.S. The "rules" in this photo are a joke.

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