Sunday, May 29, 2011

Vet Visit

Gracie needed to get some shots so off to the Vet we went. I was happy to be taking her to her old vet back in Vegas. (The one that dealt with her after she:
1. ate the dog killing food from China
2. she got hit by truck and almost had to have her leg amputated
3. she got her face scratched by a cat
4. she ripped her toenails off
5. she she got an infection inside her belly where the pound fixed her (with metal wire instead of stitches)
...the list goes on. When the vet came in he informed us that we also need to schedule a senior wellness exam because she's seven! I was a little sad thinking about Gracie being 7 and getting older and dieing soon...he took her into the back to administer her shots and weigh her. He came back and asked if her paperwork was correct and that she didn't need a senior wellness exam she was the healthiest 7 he'd seen! Yippee GRACIE!!!

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