Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Let's just say I out did myself tonight!!! (That is not necessarily a good thing.) I got a wild hair up my butt and went to the gym to swim. I grew up swimming, but regrettably, or not, have not swum in 6 years. Today was the day I decided to change that. WHY???? 38 minutes, and 1500 yards later I pulled my body out of the pool (at least I didn't have to climb out the old people ladder) grabbed my towel and walked out through 24 hour fitness dripping wet...DONE, but I'll be back, hopefully tomorrow. As I was driving I almost crashed my car into a brick wall for 2 reasons
1) There was a 85 year old man standing on the street corner twirling a sign that said
No Persciption
2) I didn't have my camera!
Next I fixed the washing machine, got though one load of just water and then it broke again...can't wait for Duane to get here on Sunday!
DINNER!!!! I am seriously an AMAZING cook. NOT!! My not cooked through pasta, cold black beans, over cooked chicken, frozen spinach, runny, canned, stewed tomatoes, and gooey cheese ended up in the garbage. Sometimes I wonder why I even try to stray from the usual popcorn and gummy bears!
Here's to tomorrow being just as good!

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