Saturday, January 15, 2011

Prepping For Lake Shasta

Dumb and Dumber (Duane and Dupree) decided to "plant" trees in Lake Shasta this winter in hopes that the fish would decide to make the trees their homes. We went up to Shasta with cinder blocks, rope and big dreams...After two days in freezing temperature these two dumb asses felt like their mission was accompilshed. They

were very pleased with their work knowing that in the three Shasta tournaments that would take place in January, they would have schools of bass to catch...or so they thought! They pulled and tied and huffed and puffed all day making sure they "planted" these trees in exactly the right spot. They watched the GPS, looked through the camera and even had me hold this fishing pole (photo 5) with line attached to it so I could "feel" the tree land on the bottom (just between us I never felt anything).
Guess what with two tournaments over I am not happy to report that despite all the bonding time we had in the cold NO fish moved to these trees. There was NOT even 1 fish! Poor guys...there is still 1 more tournament left, lets home the fish moved!

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