Tuesday, September 11, 2012


4th of July is a happy holiday where people come together and watch neighborhood parades and have bbqs and watch fireworks....not in Danville. People start "saving" their parade spots at 6am on the 3rd of July. The rule is you can save your spot starting on the 3rd, but need to stay in your spot until 6pm and then your spot is your and saved. If your chairs are out at 6pm no one can move them. So there are crazy people that take their sidewalk chalk mark up their area of the sidewalk put a chair down and sit there for 12 hours to make sure they have a view of the parade. I am not talking Macys Thanksgiving Day parade here. I'm talking kids on bikes, old people playing instruments... Some of these parade goers are nuts!! Watching them is better than the parade!! Happy 4th of July!!

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