Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year!

We moved our last load from Reno to Discovery Bay on New Years Eve. As we were crossing into California Duane was almost run off the road by a drunk driver. As soon as Duane stopped he told the "inspector" that car next to him was a drunk driver...well the inspector said he couldn't detain the drunk driver and let her go...but he needed to go through the uhaul and the boat. We pulled over to the side of the road, where the inspector looked through the uhaul, my car and the boat. All the while Duane getting more and more pissed off that this state paid worker didn't do the right thing and try to protect everyone from the drunk driver. Finally satisfied that we had no fruit or ferrets on board the inspector started in on the boat...Quagga mussels this, quagga mussels that - he NEEDED to see Duane take the plug out of the boat. Next thing I know Duane has the cover pulled back and is standing in the boat arms out saying, "LET"S DO THIS - I"LL UNPACK THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD." I started laughing so hard...who does that? I guess this is better than fishing on 20 degree weather in the rain and snow in Lake Shasta like did a few NYEs ago!

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