Sunday, November 28, 2010

TSA = Totally Stupid A$$holes

This is what it looked like while I spent the night in the Las Vegas Airport. The story is long and boring, so basically TSA sucks.
1. they ended up closing down lanes
2. someone sent me one way and it was the wrong way
3. I was trapped in a secure only area
4. they said I broke in
5. finally got out
6. my name was being called over intercom to get to my flight NOW
7. said they wouldn't call airline, just told me to walk fast
8. missed my flight
9. southwest said no more flights
10. went to file complaint with TSA'
11. head totally stupid a$$hole told me I was lying and stupid
12. took totally stupid a$$holeto were I was stuck and he said oh they put locked doors there
13. tsa said not out fault we have a bunch of new people working and they don't know protocol yet

***so I slept in the airport, there was nothing opened and no one around, tsa hired a bunch of new people, didn't teach them correct protocol, all during the busiest travel week of the year - and were trusting them to stop terrorists? REALLY????

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