Friday, October 22, 2010

Robber Masks

I love my robber masks, for Christmas a few years ago this is all I asked for...a robber mask. Forget the fact that they are called ski masks. I call them robber masks. I have a couple of them, his particular one was a git from Dupree, it's my favorite. There are so many pros to wearing robber masks...

1. Keep your face warm.
2. Keep your ears warm.
3. Keep your neck warm.
4. Stop being wind blown and having a chapped face.
5. Perfect during a fishing tournament, 1 thing instead of 4. (hat, earmuffs, scarf,
face shield)
6. Saves space. (see above)
7. Can act as a tissue if you have a runny nose.
8. Can act as a napkin if you eat with it on.

The only negative this about robber masks you can't wear them into a bank.

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