Thursday, June 17, 2010

Don't Mess With Duane

We had the bass boat parked out front on and off or 3 days. Duane took it work to clean it, then it slept out front. We went fishing, then it slept out front. Well one of the neighbors called the cops and complained. We got a "warning" and were told to move look what lives out front now. We don't live in a HOA (the street is like a toy parking lot though, everyone has a boat, rv, dirt bikes....) so the only "rules" are the no more than 48 hours in one spot...looks like we'll be switching between the motor home and bass what. What would you rather have in your neighborhood? HAHAHA


  1. ha ha I love it! Give the neighbors something to really complain about. Just came across the blog here and really enjoying it. Good work.